His reputation

“If you want to be a great and inspiring speaker, you want to study with the best of the best. Brian Tracy is a superstar from the platform. He is the man to study as he teaches you step-by-step how to go from nowhere to somewhere great in the speaking business. No one can do it better than Brian.”

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Personal success and Brian Tracy are synonymous. Nobody I know can teach you more about how to achieve and succeed than Brian. He makes the case clearly and then proves it in his own remarkable life. If he recommends it, do it. He knows what he’s talking about”.

Jim Cathcart

Author, The Acorn Principle

Such warm words about a mortal!  So amazing, isn’t it?

I can bet that you would do anything to earn such compliments too, if you had the chance and the know-how.   It’s possible, dear reader.

Who is Brian Tracy?

Brian Tracy is a Canadian born writer, born on 5 January 1944 in Charlottetown.  He eventually gained the American nationality, lived in San Diego-California and studied at the University of Alberta.

He is the founder of Brian Tracy International, CEO, chairman motivational speaker and author.

This father of four has imparted the lives of many people across the globe, in diverse ways, notably via over 70 books to his credit. The list of his achievements is so lengthy that I will not dare try to establish it here. However, let me mention that:

He has written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs, including the worldwide, best-selling Psychology of Achievement, which has been translated into more than 28 languages.

He speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development, including the executives and staff of many of America’s largest corporations. His exciting talks and seminars on Leadership, Selling, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results.

Prior to founding his company, Brian Tracy International, Brian was the Chief Operating Officer of a $265 million dollar development company. He has had successful careers in sales and marketing, investments, real estate development and syndication, importation, distribution and management consulting. He has conducted high level consulting assignments with several billion-dollar plus corporations in strategic planning and organizational development.

He has traveled and worked in over 107 countries on six continents, and speaks four languages. Brian is happily married and has four children. He is active in community and national affairs, and is the President of three companies headquartered in Solana Beach, California.

Why take yourself for granted?


Dear reader, the truth is that we all have had experiences that have colored our minds such that we may not notice how closely possible success is. Negative suggestions from friends, family members and parents that boil down to one thing; that “you can’t” How misleading! It is this statement that has rendered our minds cloudy with unbelief, thereby retarding our progress. Whatever you believe, with conviction, becomes your reality. All we have to do is reverse this statement in our thought system. Start saying “I can”, say it loud and clear, say it like you mean it. The things, which are impossible with men are possible with God. — Luke 18:27

Stop doubting yourself and putting your tail in between your legs, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”.

—II Timothy 1: 7. Rise up and start doing the things you were born to do. Fire up the passion of your imagination and feel the vividness of your creation. Keep your eyes on the prize and not the challenges involved.

 Brian Tracy is one of those enlightened mortals who figured this out and dedicated part of his life to opening your convictions to the world of your potentials; Your subconscious.

There is much to learn from Brian Tracy. His goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.

The way forward

Just as mentioned at the genesis of this write-up, he is the teacher every dreamer needs. Encounter Brian Tracy in his books and some of the lectures he has given around the world. Visit his website:, get a copy of one of his books or simply type Brian Tracy on you tube and learn the lessons you need for your journey to the top.

Even before you do so, remember to sit face to face with fear and doubt, tell them that you are done with them and you will have to move on with your life. The kingdom of God is within you. —Luke 17:21 Say “I am born to win!”

Say “I can, and I will” Go and win the internal argument! It all begins from there


  1. How i wish i could do some of this or maybe all to have a succesfull life to share to everyone who wants my help…thanks

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