Join the train, stay in the train, be part of the progress

Some of the most commonly used words nowadays are the words “success” and “change”. Everyone wants to succeed; each and every person desires a change in one or two aspects of their life. Change, they say, is the only constant in life. And the truth is that change is only desirable in case it is positive. The whole world is in perpetual motion and people keep researching in order to make new discoveries because it is believed that there is something yet more desirable than the one already known.

Things keep changing and the various updates are determining factors for individual success and development. Citizens of various countries want a change in their lives. Everybody feels they deserve better, and of course they are right.  And so at an individual level, everybody sings “My tomorrow must be greater than today”, even unconsciously. That is the power of hope!  The most desirable direction is the way to the top.

People generally talk about moving from “nothing to something”. Never you accept that you are “nothing”. Everyone is “something” and we all move from “something” “to something better”. Be grateful to God for your level so that you may seek His leadership as you march forward. Are you the one who watches things happen? Or are you among they that make things happen? Are you one of those people who wonder how things happen?

How do I join the train?

However, there is this very pertinent question many people have not answered: What does it take to get to the next level? What must I do to get to the next level? What must I do so that I am not left behind in this fast changing world?

Whatever thing you have already is no news. The world keeps changing like a chameleon and you really have to be moving too (forward ever, backward never), in whatever thing you do. What you could have is what is what makes news. Step out of your comfort zone because there is definitely something that you need to change; it is never perfect, and it never feels right down here.  However, for you to go to the next level you must know where you are right now. When you know where you are, then decide where you want to go next.

Figure out where you are, then figure out your dream

So “where am I now?” is a question you must answer.  The next thing is for you to “have a dream”.  The most miserable person on earth is the one without a dream. It is your dream that gives you life (hope). How does it feel to not have hope? You need to have a dream! Fire up the passion of your imagination and feel the vividness of your creation. Start working your way up because there is no elevator to success.

Be transformed

Most importantly, you will need to undergo transformation. The many problems we face today do not come because of what we see, but because people have refused to change. Improvements do not always come because we have more, they come because we are better persons.  If you are given what you have not grown up to, you will always fall back. You can’t have and manage what your mind has not grown up to. Start training yourself and transforming your mind in a way to suit your dream or ambition. That’s a sure way to prepare for greatness.

Read books about it, attend seminars and workshops, listen to audio tapes about that area of interest, consult experts and resource persons in that domain, and if need be, go back to school. Just renew your mind! That’s a sure way to prepare for the next level of greatness.

Stand out like an eagle

The next thing you must do is re-brand and distinguish yourself. Yes, you have to look like the person you really want to become. Associate with people who will help you get there. You can’t associate only with weaver-birds and be an eagle. Despise no one, but get new company. There is nothing like “bad friends”; rather, there are friends you don’t need for your way up to the top because they won’t share in your dream and might discourage you because the things they want to do are the things that will dissipate every effort you make to succeed. If it means standing alone, do. All the same, you can stand alone, yet you are not lonely.


Start networking. The richest people in the world build networks while every other person looks for work. To network is to make contact with people with whom you can build something. Search and connect with people that have a part to play for your dream to be realized. It makes you unlimited, it gives you universal intelligence. Martin Luther King Jr said “If you can’t fly then runif you can’t run then walk,if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Happy walk to the top, and good luck!

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