Who is Myles Munroe?

Dr Myles Munroe is one of the most outstanding motivational speakers the world has ever known. Myles Munroe, his teaching, has been an inspiration and a blessing to millions of people around the world. I won’t dare try to discuss his successes in this write-up. However, it is important you should understand that we are going to be tapping our inspiration from a sure source:

Dr. Myles Munroe, was a Bahamian Pastor, Teacher, Bestselling Author and International Motivational Speaker. Dr. Munroe wrote about sixty (60) books, with forty-nine (49) being best sellers. Dr. Munroe was a sought-after Global Motivational Speaker visiting over one hundred and thirty countries around the world. Munroe also made his greatest impact to the world as a Business Coach to Fortune 500 Companies, teaching the principles of Leadership from a biblical perspective.

Born in 1954, Munroe grew up in one of the poorest towns in the Bahamas. He lived with his parents and 10 siblings in a two-bedroom house. In the early years, Munroe and his brothers slept on the floor among rats and cockroaches. At the age of thirteen, he read the four Gospel Books of the New Testament namely Matthew, Mark, John and Luke as he began to question if God was prejudiced.

At that time the Bahamas was a British Colony of the United Kingdom and, although the population was primarily black, all the power and economic clout was in the hands of the white minority comprising mainly of United Kingdom nationals. By fourteen years old, Munroe memorized the said books of the New Testament that helped to give him a new perspective on life that nothing was impossible.

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There is certainly something you should know,which you would find a book you have not read.

What is intriguing about Munroe, the epitome of success?

Notice that Dr Myles Munroe, of blessed memories, grew up as a miserable lad raised by his poor parents. He eventually became an icon the world has looked up to for inspiration about the secret of success. Myles Munroe, having grown up as a poor boy and being able to defile and overcome the financial and social status of his life, he certainly understood what it takes to be successful in life.  He had grown up in one of the Poorest towns in the Bahamas, slept on the floor with his 10 other siblings in a two-bedrooms house.

Do you wonder what they must have been eating? Don’t you wonder what kind of food and how often? I think at some point “Munroe” was synonymous to “misery”. But how did this mortal manage to raise his head above the crowd in such a glorious manner? How did it become that “Munroe” now means “success and glory”? Is there misery that cannot be defiled? Should someone remain poor because they were born in a in a poor family? Everybody wants to know how Dr Myles Munroe defiled misery and stood out so gloriously. I’m just about to introduce you to such simple-but-hidden-to-many knowledge.

Learn to see the beauty of the moon and not the clouds that color it

The power of principles

Dr Myles Munroe says if you must succeed then you must learn and start respecting the principles of life. He teaches principles of success, and I really hope you first of all understand that the greatest principle will be that we should respect these principles. This is to say, anything developed in this article and on this platform is being done so with the hope that it will guide someone to live just according to their dreams. You cannot dream one thing and at the same time live a life that does not take you to your dreams. Let your lifestyle tally with your ambition.

Do just as you want to become

Do just as you are hopping to become. For every destination there is a road map, and if you pocket your map, however conscious of it, you will certainly have to travel blindly. To respect principles is to respect the natural law that guides you towards whatever thing you want to achieve, without which, you grope in the maze of distractions and challenges until the day you give up. What must you do and what mustn’t you do?

Everything in life has a way it must be done and that is what you should respect if you really want to do it successfully. For example, you have beer for breakfast each day and be a good athlete. As highlighted in “Time management is life management”, respecting time could be one of the principles you have been missing out on. As mentioned in the article just quoted, the way you use your 24 hours is what makes the difference. Figure out some of the principles you have not respected until now. That is certainly why you are yet to touch the sky.

Figure out how to do what you want to do

The truth is that life is predictable depending on which road map you have chosen to use or whether or not you actually have a road map at all.  Principles do not respect you; you respect principles. When you understand the principles of life, you don’t worry about life. All you do is respect principles and everything else will come to you naturally. The principle of gravity is that if something goes up it must come down.

Even if you are a believer and you jump from a tall story building while quoting all the scriptures you know and speaking in tongues, you will harm yourself. Also, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that water will not wake up a car engine and that what you need is fuel. That is a principle everyone understands about how cars and other automobiles function.

Figure out which principles will take you to your dream

Be mindful of one thing; you need to know the principles that will guide you to your dream (Everybody has a dream). A man without a dream is a dead man. Without vision, people perish). You will have to develop self-imposed standards for your living; that’s discipline.  You must discipline yourself being careful not to leave the tract that takes you to your ambition. All tracts are good but not all tracts are right for your dream. You are familiar with Apostle Paul, one of the greatest scholars of scripture. He says “I can do all things but not all things are not profitable to me”

Anything that interferes with your ambition is not right for you.

The way forward

Remember the dreams you had when you were still tender. Remember that you saw yourself as a potential medical doctor, a lawyer, a pastor, a journalist, an engineer, a teacher, a soldier, a police officer etc. You were right! You can become whoever you want to become in life.  The people around you spoke you out of your dream. It’s regrettable! They didn’t know what it takes to be there and they told you that you can’t and you believed. Notwithstanding, it is never too late. Keep dreaming!

As we continue , we will be studying six principles of success as outlined by the great Myles Munroe. Hope you learn them, apply them and enjoy the life-changing results that will marvel you.

Read about Dr Myles Munroe, get a copy of one of his books and read. Just go closer to him and find all the inspiration you will ever need.

See you ahead.

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