The concept of success

Success is the offspring of a dream. That is to say, success does not come by chance. There is something you visualize in your mind and keep wanting to achieve irrespective of challenges. That is your dream. You have a dream, figure it out. The poorest man on earth is the man without a dream. If you don’t have a dream, then you are really poor. Success or achieving your dream (what you were born to do) and top performance in life is based on obedience to principles.

Reason with me that principles are different from facts. If facts change with time, principles do not. “A principle is a fixed natural law established to create the environment to successfully produce the performance of the product” (Dr Myles Munroe). So you do not have to go around experimenting things; just learn to exercise the principles that surround success in your domain. Look around you and study those who have succeeded in life and those who think they have failed. You will notice that there is something successful people share in common and likewise those who think they have already failed.

Dr Myles Munroe Talks about some those principles of success, and these might cut across all works of life:

You won’t have to be in a crowd

The principles of success

The principle of purpose

Purpose is a clear guiding vision for your life. If you don’t know your purpose, anything is right for you. How misleading! Without a vision, you don’t have any self-imposed standards (self-discipline) for your life.  Purpose is the original intent of your creation. Notice that you have a unique thumb print. Even identical twins are not identical. Everybody is unique by their creation. If you are so unique in your creation, it is because there is something only you can do. The thing God created you to do is purpose.

When you figure it out, it’s vision. Joseph understood his purpose and saw the vision of his life very clearly. That is why he was rejected, that might happen to you too. Notwithstanding, do not yield to the pressure. Believe in what you imagine yourself becoming; it is real! To stand out and keep to your vision generally defiles people’s expectations of you. Those who think they know you so very well will try telling you that that’s something no one has ever done, so you can’t. Do not yield to that. There is something you were created to do in life; figure it out.

The principle of passion

The principle of passion

Many people do not have passion. Passion is an inner urge that doesn’t care what the external senses detect. It is that energy created by a purpose and meaning for life.  It is a commitment that is beyond contention. Nothing can stop you from achieving the thing you visualize. When you figure out something you can genuinely die for, then you have passion; then you have started living. If what you are doing is something you can stop doing and still be happy, then you haven’t figured out your purpose and passion.

Dr Myles Munroe says “What we need are not jobs; we need assignments in life”. Figure out your purpose and passion! What is that thing you are not satisfied because you are not doing yet? What is that thing you really want to do genuinely? That is your passion; go for it and remember that all things are possible for they that believe. If the opinions of the crowd still matter to you then you don’t know your passion. If you die without having done this thing then you won’t have done something for humanity.

The principle of planning

 If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you do not have a plan, you will fail. Plan your work, work your plan. Without a plan you function with the wind; left and right, up and down doing anything and everything. The heart of man makes its plan and God directs it. Plan your day, plan your week, and establish a plan for each month. Take care of the seconds and the minutes and hours will take care of themselves.

The principle of persistence

Persistence is thess consistent insistence that you have what you are after. To be persistent is to refuse to stop no matter the challenges. For how long have you been after your dream? It is not because it failed the last time that it will fail this time. Just keep on keeping on until the day breaks and the shadows flee away. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Do not give up, never give up!

The principle of prayer

Prayer is the mightiest power God gave man. To pray is to commune with God. You need prayer to be successful. Remember that the ONE who is for you is more than the ones against you. Go into your closet, pray believing that you have received.

You need people

No man is an island. You cannot be successful without people. You will always need people but let it be that they are not the wrong people. Establish and maintain a network of people in your life because you can’t live alone, you can’t do it alone. Bless everyone internally, harm no one, pray and speak your truth calmly.  

It is my firm belief that if a knowledge of these principles is harnessed, something will definitely change. Remember that the most important principle is that which stipulates that you respect all of these principles. Happy walk to the top!

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