The concept of leadership

Let’s think of leadership as the act of creating an inspiring vision for the future. Let us think of a leader as an explorer, cutting a path through the jungle for others to follow ( We shall continue with this discussion with the assumption that we both accept that leadership is not obviously political or religious, and that to be a leader must not be that you are a president or the head-boy/girl of a class.

I am hoping you will share the point of view that a leader is also someone who pursues a passionate personal course for the sake of the future, believing that it will profit humanity when people buy his vision and join him in the course. In this same logic, a leader is also someone who embarks on doing something that no one has ever done just because people think it is impossible, and so he takes the lead.


I also hope that you realize that you can lead your community, country and even the whole world with just a discovery that changes something about human life. An individual (leader) therefore takes the lead, it doesn’t matter how insignificant his/her domain seems to be. This means that s/he opens the way to something literally unknown to the majority and not understood by the average person. Why do things keep changing? It is because people keep making new discoveries. Why are there so many discoveries a wonder to us? It is probably because we have not understood that we can also contribute to change (positive change, of course). You don’t go looking for leadership, you manifest it.

  • Leaders think out of the box, they don’t only rely on what they have been told or taught
  • They break tradition (what has always been done), they innovate. They do what no one has done before. If it is something that everyone does, they do it in a way no one has ever done it.
  • they are not victims of massive thinking.
  • Leaders are those who do not take their unique thump print for granted, they know that there is something that only they can do . They figure it out and have it done, for the sake of humanity. The tendency is for us to think that “leadership” does not concern us and that leadership is a thing for a certain few. I beg to disagree. Everyone was born with the leadership spirit, but leaders are those who develop it into a spirit of leadership (Dr Myles Munroe). Everybody was born with the potential to dominate in a particular area of gifting. What is your area of gifting?

How to transform the leadership spirit into a spirit of leadership.

As a matter of fact, leaders are readers. The only difference between a leader and a reader is the first letter. You must have heard the expression “learning never ends” . It may sound like a mere platitude, yet it has life. This actually means that leaders are perpetual learners. A leader understands that one is never too old to learn a new thing and that no one is too small to teach a new thing.

When you have figured out what you need to do in this life, the next thing you must do is read articles, journals and books that teach you how to go about it. What is your choice of books? What book are you reading now? Is it a book that will fashion you according to your area of leadership? Which TV and radio programs do you follow? What kind of films do you watch? You can only do what you constantly think, you constantly think what you constantly see hear and feel (learn). Go closer to resource persons in that domain, attend seminars. Nurture yourself so that you can finally do what you were born to do.

The leadership tragedy

As earlier stated, every human being was born with a leadership potential. However, many people end up dying as observers or followers. For the past centuries, the Blackman has watched and wondered how things happen. Probably he never realized that he had the leadership spirit buried within him. He has suffered under the weight of inferiority complex vis-a-vis the other man. It is so tragic that we look upon others as demi-gods just because they do the things we can do. Now that they have made their environment attractive, people desire leaving Africa for the various eldorados. The few Blacks who have realized who they really are and have made discoveries , might only come back home when they have breathed their last.

The way forward

Look around you. Everything you see around you today, whether in terms of furniture, fashion, technological and infrastructural advancement or business, is a product of thought. Those things were first of all conceived in the mind; they are the realities of other people’s imaginations. They came as a result of creative thinking. The greatest task ever given man by God, was to think. Unfortunately, we generally just enjoy what others have conceived and delivered. We seem not to believe in our imagination. Well, it is worth noting that the wind of change has started blowing across our community.

People have manufactured helicopters, men and woman are building mega businesses etc. That is proof of the spirit of leadership. It is enough proof that things are changing. That is proof that leadership is taking place. Do not be left behind. Stay still, calm the wheels of your imagination, look deep within you and figure out who you really are. You have a unique finger print and there is something only you can do. What you must do is believe in yourself; believe in your imagination. What is your area of gifting? That is your area of leadership. Start dominating there just the way no one has ever done. Start leading the people.

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