MUST I READ the power of positive thinking?

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

Yes, you need it. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale is a life-changing book of seventeen chapters of God-given words that introduce you to yourself. It is one of the timeless best sellers for which the whole world is yearning just the way we yearn for good health. And truly, it takes you miles away from ill health and brings you closer to genuine wealth. It teaches you something very powerful about your being, which I don’t consider mystical unless in the sense that it is still unknown to many (including you, probably).

It might also intrigue you to know that Norman Vincent Peal was a minister of God. I can say without fear of contradiction, that all the world leaders you know and that you have heard of, have read this book at least once. Pastors, Priests and the various “prophets” have read it too. I will attempt showing you why great people (who have influenced public opinion) must have been recommended this book.

The things you will learn

As a matter of fact, the things Norman Vincent Peale teaches in The Power of Positive Thinking are too valuable such that I feel like i’m being complacent, trying to explain them. However, my intention is not to explain them to you but to let you know about them. This is because, as I think, explaining it to you might not obviously introduce you to yourself just the way i got introduced to myself when I read it.

You will understand the power there is in believing

The first thing I learned as I read this book that blew my mind was that the Bible is so practical (the foundation of this book is the word of God). You will learn more as to why the Bible says you were created in the image of God, that the kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU (Lk 17:21) and that “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ” (Phil 4:13). Don’t say you know these truths already! Get a copy of this book (It can be an electronic copy) and read it and you will get in touch with something about belief. There is something about belief that this book will reveal to you. Deep-seated belief that sets the law of attraction into motion; a firm and positive conviction that goes through every fiber of your being, bringing about results that you never thought possible.

The power of positive thinking teaches you how to handle your imagination

You will also learn what it takes to succeed. The world is filled with people who have worked so hard but have little to show for. There is something more than hard work. The Power of Positive Thinking teaches you how to capture what comes to your imagination and make it real. However, be careful that you don’t confuse this with daydreaming. What is it that you have been chasing in life with the hope that you have it and settle comfortably? Why do you get out of bed every day? Is it simply because it’s dawn? I don’t think so. There is definitely something you are restless about.

The power of positive thinking tells you what power there is in your thoughts

This book teaches you how to get there. Don’t say you are there already! I know how much change, improvement and progress you still desire. Even before you read this book, as I know you are anxious about it already, let me tickle your passion for it even more: It is strong belief and an obsession for the thing you really want to do or achieve that will take you there. Let me also remind you as earlier mentioned in “Be the reason you succeed” (an article published on this platform), that thought only attracts that on which it is focused. If you want to succeed, think only success.

Reveals the key the perfect peace and happiness

There is one thing every human being wants after everything else is achieved. That thing is called HAPPINESS. The power of positive thinking teaches you how to create your own happiness and peace and not depend on other people to make you happy. Remember that it is when there is peace and happiness that the mind is fertile for positive things. People ingest tablets just to catch some sleep. You can’t imagine how many tablets believed to give sleep, are swallowed every night across the globe. This is proof that peace of mind is something many people do not have. When you have peace you sleep like a baby. If you have been sleeping profoundly, then that’s cool. But you want to learn how to worry about nothing and reserve energy for the so many things you have to do. Get a copy of this book and read.

The way forward

Dear reader, the book The Power of Positive thinking teaches more than the sum total of the chapters therein. Its words are never idle, and at all levels , they wake up the genius in you. If I had the words that won’t say less than what the book really is, I would feel this write-up with them. However, I take it for granted that you won’t think I want to give the impression that this book equals the Bible.It can’t be. It teaches the science of the mind in a way you really want to discover. It introduces you to yourself in a way you might never have had the opportunity to learn.

I know about great people who positively influence the people around them just because they have tapped from this book and/or other books of this nature. If you can’t lay hands on a copy this book, ask for another one similar to it. However, you can download an electronic copy of it on your device and read it leisurely where ever you may be. Let me mention here in all humility that it has fashioned my thought system and modus operandi too. I recommend it to you in all humility required.

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  1. Ernest kemoh says: Reply

    Indeed a great book

    1. Basile Takwa says: Reply

      Thank you for leaving a word.

  2. I must read it

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