The concept of belief

People are governed more by desire than belief. It is so difficult to believe and not doubt. However, if you must have what you really desire, then you must learn to believe that you will have it. There is no doubt that life will change if people will learn to believe and not doubt. If in the same way as you believe that you are a8live right now, you can believe that you were created in the image of God, that HE lives in you and that you can do all things through HIM, then nothing will be out of your mastery. When belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. Everybody prays, but how many people have the conviction that it’s not “mere prayer”? How many people will cease worrying about that for which they prayed, because they have prayed already?

Belief, opinions and facts differentiated

The mind is a biological phenomenon, and so belief is part of the biology of the mind. It is of paramount importance that everyone will understand the difference between desire, fact, opinion and belief. Opinion is judgment based on facts, and facts are verifiable because they can be researched and confirmed. This means that opinions can be changed depending on how facts are interpreted. Belief on the other hand cannot serve as the basis of a logical or formal argument. Belief is the mental acceptance and receptivity of that which you seek or that for which you pray. Desire is that which you seek or that for which you pray. Therefore, to believe is to accept mentally that the thing you desire is at your reach. How receptive you are is what really makes the difference. If you mentally welcome it and you are wholly receptive then you will receive it.

What do I believe?

It is very true that whatever thing you belief in works for you. It is not the talisman that protects, it is rather the belief in it that does the magic. However, we must be careful what the object of our belief is. The world is governed by two powerful forces: good and evil (These are not idle words). The miracle-working power that lodges within every human being can be directed towards one of these two forces. Those who want to be a blessing to humanity will always use their God-given potentials to do good. Do you believe that you were born great? It is that belief that makes the difference.

How helpful is my belief?

Well, even before you contemplate what you want to use your power to do, you must first of all believe in it. It is your believe in it that sets it at work, helping you to do exploits, even the ones you never thought possible. The difference between you and the men and women behind all the technology that keeps you marveling is that they believe in the God-given infinite power that lodges within them. Let me also point to you that it is this infinite power that some pastors, priests and prophets have harnessed intuitively. For how long will you continue slumbering?

The power of belief

In the words of Brian Tracy, If you believe that you can’t, you are right. But if you believe that you can, you are also right.

How many times have you been surprised that you did something you thought you couldn’t do? When you were still very tender, the people around you destroyed some of your very natural convictions with suggestions that veiled your mind into thinking that you are so limited. That is why you have grown believing you can’t do certain things. It therefore surprises you when the natural instinct takes over your being and you perform such a task. Open your eyes and behold how great you are! Children from other cultures and races are trained to see their strengths while ignorantly, we are trained to see our shortcomings. That is what makes the difference! Barack Obama taught the Americans to say “Yes, we can”, you must start saying “I can” until it becomes your natural conviction. If you believe, you will, because you can. Wake up the genius in you!

There is this story told about elephants , which could be of great significance to you too:

A young man was surprised when during one of his walks, he noticed that the elephants he saw around were not in any cage or held by any chains. The only thing that confined them to that position was a small piece of rope tied to one of their legs, each one of them. He wondered why the mighty elephants didn’t just cut the ropes and find their way out of the camp. This was certainly something the elephants could have done but they did not even try it.

Out of curiosity he sought to understand such an absurdity. He then went ahead and asked a trainer why the elephants just stood there and never tried to escape.

This was the trainer’s reply: “when they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and, at that age, it’s enough to hold them. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe they cannot break away. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break free.”

The elephants had adopted the belief that it was impossible to break free from their camp. That is the power of belief.

Dear reader, some of your past experiences must have colored your mind into thinking that you just can’t make it. Let me remind you that circumstances do not last forever, but the miracle-working power within you will last for a lifetime. Revive, nurture and continue with the belief that what you want to achieve is possible. Believing you can become successful is the most important step in actually achieving it.

Why must I believe?

Believe because you lose nothing by believing. Believe because it is true. Believe because God is alive and HE lives in you. Believe because God created you to win and not to lose. Believe because God says it is possible for they that believe. Believe because you really can do all things. Believe! Believe! Believe! Believe that you can; believe that you will. Believe because you have all it takes to get there.

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