To doubt is indication that you are rational, and that is good. Just as philosophers say, man is a thinking being , man is a rational animal. The things you have seen, heard, touched, and how you have felt are the basis of your reasoning. Such experiences form the ground on which your (rationality) thoughts take root. Consequently, they hypnotize you into thinking you are just here to exist and not live. You then become jaded about everything and less confident about what you do. If you must handle this, you must practice the science of overcoming self-doubt. William Shakespeare as quoted in an article in self-doubt says “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

Experiences that shape your thoughts

Every day you notice at least one thing that reminds you that you can succeed only if you have a “Godfather”. Some people you think you know have already done what you are thinking of doing and have failed woefully. Some folks around you pray without ceasing and yet they seem to have just the opposites of the things for which they pray. Even as you listen to radio, read newspapers or watch TV, at least one news item points to a reason for you to despair.

As a matter of fact, the highest statement that seems to make sense is “le pays va mal”. Of course, that’s true. The opposite of this mentally-deeply-rooted statement doesn’t seem palpable to you because you have seen and heard enough stuff that should scare you. Because you have stepped on hot charcoal before, you have at least a reason to dread the sight of wood ash. So it is understandable if you still doubt the fact that you can come out of the belly of the fish and live again.


There are two sets of people in the world. Knowing and mastering these two worlds is a sure step to overcoming self-doubt.

Those who live in the world within

Those who live in the world within are very few. They live life gloriously, joyously and abundantly. What moves them is different from what they see and hear from their environment. They are aware of the master secret of the ages; the marvelous God-given-miracle-working power that lodges in the subconscious of every human being. They are aware that God has given us what it takes to defile all unpleasant conditions and circumstances. They unite mentally and emotionally with the good they wish to embody (the good they desire) .

Those who live in the world without

On the other hand, the vast majority who live in the world without are moved by what their external senses detect from their environment. They think they can change conditions and circumstances by working with the conditions and circumstances. They don’t know that conditions and circumstances are simply effects and that if effects are to be corrected, the cause should be the target. Most certainly, the cause is the way they are thinking and picturing in their conscious mind. As a man thinketh, so is he (and the conditions of his life). They can’t dare trample warms and spiders, let alone trample snakes and scorpions believing nothing will harm them.


The law of your mind is the law of belief (Dr. Joseph Murphy in Power of the subconscious). In “What/why must I believe?”, one of the articles published on this platform , we understood belief as mental acceptance and receptivity of that for which you pray. If you accept the good you wish to embody mentally and emotionally, you will have it. When you dare to believe that you can, you start to see how you should. If you keep doubting, you won’t see that it is possible that way, if not this way. If “le pays va mal”, remember that you are just an individual in it and your success doesn’t depend on the failures you witness every day. Choose life, choose joy, choose glory, take the road to overcoming self-doubt. Open your eyes and mind to possibilities and not their opposites.


There is a story about a group of frogs that traveled together. As they journeyed together, two of them accidentally fell into a deep pit. The other frogs crowded around the pit and said there was no hope for the other two frogs because the pit was so deep that they might not jump out of it.

These two kept jumping, hoping they find themselves out of the pit. The others shouted out to them that it was not possible. They told them to abandon the idea of coming out of the pit. One of the two frogs eventually gave up trying and died. The last one kept jumping as hard as he could until he made his way out of the pit.

Once he was out of the pit, he thanked the others that it was because he saw them shouting that he kept jumping. He said even though he was deaf, he understood that they were encouraging him.

It is because the frog was deaf to negative suggestions that he could jump out of the deep pit. The power within him was triggered because he saw only possibility during such a moment. If he had heard what the others were saying, he would have certainly given up like his friend.


Rely on your God-given abilities and not what others think of you. They don’t know you, but they think they do. Do not allow anyone to speak you out of your profound imagination and conviction. Use the genius in you and achieve the things you desire. Those people think they know you, but they really don’t know you. The tendency is always for them to tell you that what you desire to do is too big to be realistic. If you keep listening to them you will keep doubting like them. The thing you carry within you can take you to any level you have ever dreamed.

Decease from self-doubt and fear. These two forces only help to dissipate the energy you need to do the things that would take you closer to your dream-life. Remember some of those things you thought you could not do but you now do just so naturally. Think of how you got to this moment of your life. Have in mind that if today is better than yesterday, then tomorrow will be better than today. Look into yourself and you will notice that you are really great. Consider loving yourself, it is the surest lifter to overcoming self-doubt. If anyone tells you that you can’t, remind them that they really don’t know you because if they did, they will understand that you can do all things. When you pray for something, unite with that thing mentally and emotionally (believe) and you will have it. Happy walk to the top.

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