There seems to be tension between what we do on various days and what we really intend doing. Notwithstanding, everyone agrees that the way we spend the seconds of our minutes, the hours of our days, and the days of our years is what really determines what we become. The plans we have for each day only make sense if we fulfill them. In this regard, people struggle every day to discipline themselves but they seem to lose the battle each time. Blending time-log with the to-do list seems to synonymous to washing one’s ulcer oneself.

It is apparently so difficult to settle the conflict between the plans we have for a day (the to-do list) and what we end up doing (time-log) on various days. A vast majority of people agree that self-discipline and good time management is a sure road map to a successful life. However, we just can’t get hold of them and swing into action the way we think proper. These values stand there like delicious food on a TV screen.

In most cases, the things that guard us from doing the things we really value are those things that require no special motivation because they are pleasurable. With them, action flows like a pair of new scissors through mummy’s loin, the one she cherishes most. The most important things in life are seldom pleasurable and so they are so easy to ignore. However, what actually shapes our life is what we do and not what we know we should do. It is not what we say we ought to do that changes our lives, it is what we finally do that does. It is my intention to highlight some ways we can reconcile the things we intend to do and the things we end up doing.

Ways you can blend your time-log with your to-do list

1. Blending time-log and the to-do list: Be intentional

You must have a very clear sense of direction and purpose. This entails getting things started and getting things done. Always remember that dreams will remain as distant as the moon until the day you become action-oriented and productivity-focused. You will need to develop an obsessive yearning to perform the various tasks at hand. Always answer the questions: Was it part of the plan? Is it important?

2. Blending time-log and the to-do list: Always remind yourself why you gave priority to the things on your to-do list.

Whenever you feel like abandoning a task, remind yourself why you started it. Most people abandon the very important tasks because they see other people doing the things that are more pleasurable than the tasks under care. Honestly speaking, pleasurable things always have a magnetic appeal for everybody. The best thing you can do at times is to avoid catching sight of them when you mean business. If you are absolutely conscious of your primary motivation for performing the task under care, you will conquer yourself just to avoid such distractions. Let your motivational mojo always be the primary reason for starting the task.

3. Limit the number of things you include on your to-do list for a day.

It makes no sense if you impress yourself initially with too many tasks for just a day and you eventually abandon them. It’s wiser to always bite just as much as you can chew. Rome was not built in one day, they say. Try to be fair with yourself when you are deciding how many things and what kind of thing you are going to handle in one day. Man know thyself; you know your strengths and your frailties. It will be relevant if you work inline with these. Program for each day only as much as you can handle.

4. Make provision for things that entertain you even as you work.

In most workshops and offices nowadays, you find radio sets, TV sets and various gadgets for good music and news. This makes the place of work so accommodating for everyone involved. In the words of D.H. Lawrence, work then absorbs you like an absorbing game. The writer of this article is doing this typing with soothing music that helps him to muse even better. Work shouldn’t be like ascending Everest on foot. Make the working environment convivial. Let it feel like home. Enjoy doing the things that matter to you and do not allow anything to steal your joy during such moments. You will certainly want to work until you finish the tasks programmed for the day.

5. Get good equipment and tools

Let it not be that the pair of shoes you have reserved for work is tight-fitting, that the chair on which you sit heats up your ass, that the dress you wear is too big or too small or that your tools are not good enough. If there are things you must spend huge sums of money buying, they should be these. Provide good working conditions for yourself. It makes work easy and you find no reasons leaving it for another thing.

6. Blending time-log with the to-do list: Practise meditation and visualization.

Most often, what heats you up while you perform a task is the assurance that what you are doing will certainly lead to something great in future. When you are conscious of what is in the womb of time, nothing will distract you from doing the work you have for yourself. Feed on your imagination even while you work.

7. Read books that teach you principles about how to function in your domain

Reading books and developing good habits is one of the surest ways to keep the passion burning like wild flames of fire. Such books keep you focused and you understand why each day should be spent doing the right thing. They prepare your mind for each day as they flow from the future in their numbers. Always create time for such books. They will help you brainstorm concerning what you should do next. Before you know it, you won’t have time swagger around or sit around aimlessly all the time.

As a matter of fact, everyone has their own life to live. If you are conscious of this you will start taking charge and being responsible. You won’t have to conform to the way the people closest to to you are living their lives. When you have decided what kind of life you want for yourself, you will be ready to do that even when you are alone. Figure out why eagles do not flog, as opposed to pigeons and other birds. Always have a plan, and never take it for granted; stick to the plan. That helps you to make progress in a way that will amaze you when you look back after some months or years. You are not alone. God will never abandon you. Keep chasing the vision!

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