A way out of the maze of self

Why do we struggle for things which are yet visible and reachable? Why does it seem so difficult to get our heart desires genuinely? When we stretch toward the things we want, is it usually a mere try or a sure move? We have the habit of just groping toward things superficially because we have in mind that “not all fingers are the same” and that the best is yet to come. We are not good at being in the present moment. The mind habitually gravitates toward past and future, thereby leaving us anxious always. Once again, i’m settling on the issue about the way we think of ourselves. A vast majority of us are lost in themselves. I will attempt discussing a way out of the maze of self in this work.

The context of “a way out of the maze of self”.

The express purpose of this publication is to suggest a way out of the maze of self. The truth is that so very few people are comfortable about the everyday talk that if someone believes they will receive. Just as discussed in What/why I believe? and The life-changing question it is important that every human being that has life should learn to consider what they carry within them more than the way they do consider all the challenges that surround them. Everyone must practice relying on the “Higher Power” (The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Pearl) and not the various stereotypes that culture and environment have taught everybody.

People seem to be helmed from every direction by beliefs that cage the genius in them. Many are buried in themselves and they just lie inside there caressed and comforted by environmental stereotypes, fear and doubt. It’s so tragic! Have you ever wondered how technology has made all the progress we now enjoy? Doesn’t it amaze you that you can just sit comfortably on an “iron bird” while it flies from one end of the world to another (for example)? Let me tell you why it amazes you; It is because you have not yet accepted mentally that you can do all things. The people behind various technological advancements have a wonderful fair for tapping from the inner man. The real you is still slumbering. When will you start making use of yourself? The future is in the seconds, minutes and hours of your clock as it ticks. Be the Reason you succeed

A way out of the maze of self; Some ways you can bubble out of yourself.

The various ways to have an encounter with yourself and finally blossom like flowers in the sun, as highlighted in this article are not mere strategies or technics. They are principles. If you want to be among the few people in your community who are genuinely making a huge difference, then it might interest you to practice following these principles, in addition to the ones earlier learned in The Six “Munroe Principles” of Success

1. Be contrarian

You must practice doing the reverse of what the crowd does. The crowd never makes a difference, individuals do. If people stay awake during the day and sleep at night, you might have to practice being awake (for some time) when the majority of people are sound asleep so that you have all the peace and serenity you need to meditate and strategize well. At a time like this when social media uses people, use social media. Use it to your advantage and progress. I won’t attempt listing how you can use social media for your personal growth and development. Some people have even suggested that instead of staying on social media, stay focused on things that matter and rather create your own media for social life.

I don’t know how much sense this makes to you but I think the progress you seek lies on the other side of this point of view. If it is a habit for people to just congregate and talk about a lot of things but nothing, be different. If men and women drink themselves to stupor as a way of having fun or “drowning their worries”, you want to be different. Only a mind in real state of sobriety can think at its best. You want to think best, you want to make a difference, you want to raise your head above the crowd; just be contrarian.

2. Say No

Be intentional in all your moves. It is common practice for people to abandon one project for another. In most cases, it’s usually because the next one appears more feasible or easier. Also, people are tempted to rush into another project or business because they are excited about the success registered in the former one. Learn to say no and stick to the plan, as discussed in Blending Time-log with the to-do list If the idea of doing something else excites you, try to find out and be sure that the experience of that thing will also do. Be intentional in all you do. If someone suggests that you do this or that thing, consult the initial plan you had for yourself before you give them any response. Don’t be afraid to say NO to something that doesn’t tally with the plans you have for yourself. That helps you to stay focused and productive, thereby making considerable progress.

3. Appreciate the success of the other guy

People who desire to succeed must unite spiritually with the success of others. If you are seeking something then you have to like it. Overcome jealousy and appreciate others when they succeed in what they do. If you hate to see others succeed, then you don’t like success, so it will flee from you. Rejoice when you see the other man doing well. Pray for them sincerely and what you wish them will come back to you naturally. Appreciate the success of others, unite with the good of others, unite with success. If there is a way out of the maze of self, it’s this one too.

4. Love indiscriminately; a away out of the maze of self

There is no progress where there is hate and bitterness. Let peace, love and harmony govern your being. As a dreamer, love indiscriminately like Joseph. Bless everyone internally and do your best to show them love. This might be difficult to practice, but be sure that it will give you unalloyed peace and tranquility. Practice it until it becomes your habit.

5. Avoid unnecessary fanfare

They generally help your emotions and not your rationality. Be part of them only when they will improve on the condition of your mind. Get interested in the things the contribute to what you need to make a difference or to dominate in your area of gifting. Do not let something else control your gift.

Dear reader, even as I have focused on some principles that could guide someone into the life of their dream, my primary goal is to open someone’s eyes so that they see that they have underrated their self for too long. Let someone start seeing greatness in their self. I hope that someone will appreciate reading this and it will be helpful.

If after reading this article you find that it could improved upon in one way or the other, please, leave a comment. Also, it will be a wonderful thing if you could suggest some of those principles so that the next readers will learn more. Please, leave a comment. If there is any particular thing you find intriguing about the article, please mention it in your comment. If you disagree with something stated here, please mention it in a comment. Thank you

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  1. I appreciate this acticle, one of my favorite is to give love w/out discriminating others in order to live love peace and harmoney inlife…cause when a person has love there is nothing impossible in life…thanks and i appreciate so much of this article… more power…

    1. Thank you very much, Julita L! It pleases us to know that you find our article helpful. Warm regards

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