Let us consider “guy” to mean man or woman. For as long as we live we contribute to the lives of others either positively or negatively. There are two forces that govern the earth: Good and Evil. Our words and actions fall under one of these two. Everyone desires Good and not its opposite. Because of absolute phobia for Evil, many spend much time and pray against Evil and forget to pray for Good (does that ring a bell?). The fact remains that no man is an island and whatever we do affects the lives of others and naturally come back to us. This means that if you help “the other guy”, you are helping yourself.

With all humility, let me suggest that we should concentrate on praying forGood and not against Evil. Surround your life with Good. When we do this we unite spiritually with Good and it follows us naturally. So what you desire, you should focus on it and do it. Do Good to the other guy, do Good to yourself. If you help the other guy, you help yourself.


I won’t attempt defining Good. However,let me say that Good is that thing you want others to do to you. It is that thing you want to happen to you always. Good is that thing you have always wanted and which you do to yourself all the time. Now you know what Evil is. If all of us can just concentrate on Good (especially in our thoughts), its opposite will find no space in our lives. For as a man thinketh, so is he (the situation of his life)-Proverbs 23:7. As in The life-changing Question, our thoughts mediate the events of our lives and the way we feel and act.

Think Good, do Good, feel good. A sure way you can feel good (which is good condition for high productivity and progress) is by doing Good to others. If you care for the person close to you then you care for yourself. If you help the other guy, you help yourself. This might not necessarily be done overtly. If are get committed about surrounding your life with good thoughts and doing Good, you will be like a container oil and no amount of rust will affect your existence and prosperity. I will duel on some ways you can do this but you shall find that it is principally about how you can help the other person, which is the same as helping yourself.

Help the other guy, help the guy who is struggling alone to overcome addiction

Everyone is conscious of the fact that cigarette, drug, excess alcohol and excess sugar is detrimental to their health. Those who are addicted to these things wish they can stop. They struggle with it on a daily basis but something keeps pulling them toward the undesirable. The truth is that they don’t like it because they are aware that it destroys them slowly and surely. They sincerely regret the first time they tasted it. Try as much as you can, not to judge them. Instead of passing judgement on them and tagging them names, study the circumstances of their life, figure out how they started taking this slow killer, and you will be able to help them out of it.

Someone said if you have never spent a night on the street you will never understand why a street boy should smoke cigarette ((against cold) or drug himself just to survive in the unfriendliness of that jungle. I submit to that point of view. Will you help them with a piece of advice or will you just curse them as bad? Would you even allow another child to slip into the jungle life of the street even though you can stop them?

Please, help them. Just love them because you love yourself. Consider the humanity in them and try not to duel on how society has corrupted them and made them miserable. Let love radiate from your being and do something new in their life. Tell them that it is by accident that they started living a lie as life, and that the wounds caused by an accident must be treated and not covered. Show them love by helping them rise above this obstacle of their life. Help them because you want to see them succeed and make progress in life too. People are not bad. It is the things they do that could be bad. Help them avoid the bad things.

Just in case you are the other guy

If you are reading this article and you think you can be considered among people who are taking some those things (herein mentioned) that do not help you to be the responsible person you have always wanted to be, know that people love you and they would be very proud of you if your were better than you are at the moment. If they knew how to express this love, you would notice it already.

Please, don’t be harsh to someone who suggests that you stay away from some of these slow poisons. Always listen to those things that sound like nonsense. Maybe they don’t know how to say it to you but what matters is the essence of what they are trying to say. Those who encourage you to take such also love you, but they just don’t know that the plans you have for yourself do not tally with such a life. Just give yourself the challenge to overcome this. You can as well talk to someone who would help you in this must-win war.

Help the other guy; help the physically disabled individual

I get teary and exceedingly inspired each time I read about Nick Vujicic, one of the world’s 10 best motivational speakers. Nick Vujicic is an Australian man who was born without limbs and arms. Looking at how much Nick is influencing the world today, it will make more sense if we learn to say that he was born with invisible limbs and arms. Nick says his strength has always been his parents. They showed him a lot of love as he grew up. They have always told him that they love him just the way he is.

One of the very witty statements I have heard from Nick is disabled means”Godisabled”. As a matter of fact, any disabled man or woman is especially able. Nick was encouraged by his parents to attend school. He tried to refuse because he thought he could not. Notwithstanding, his parents told him “Nick, you never know what you can do until you try it”. Well, I think this statement should be played on the radio every morning at 6 AM. Nick attended school until the day one of his mentors told him that he would make a wonderful speaker. Behold, Nick is a king of the microphone today. Is anything too difficult for the lord? (Genesis 18:14). Tell someone that they can!

Help the other guy; help the guy who is diseased

Is it the sickness/disease that scares you? Is it the name given it that makes you conclude that it’s over for you? Or is it fear that is killing you? Some people start dying slowly from the moment they are told what disease they are suffering from. Fear is worst than any other disease; it kills mercilessly. Go close to that man or woman and show them love. Talk to them and ensure that they find no reason to fear. That heals; peace of mind heals. Be their keeper, help them.

People suffer various kinds of misfortunes that poison their mind into thinking that life is unfair to them. Many have wandered from one opportunity to another but seem to be marching at the same spot. Some are just depressed. Others are worried that they are too fat, too lanky, too short, too tall. Many just want to be married but this wish seems to great to be fulfilled. These mental worms are eating deep into people every day. People are suffering! Please, if you have the chance to encourage someone, do not hesitate. Help them to overcome the worry habit. Their problem is not the things they are thinking. Their problem is the way they are thinking and picturing in their minds. Help them. Remind them that there is no complete world without them. Their role will always count. Love them, encourage them.

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