The truth remains that our thoughts, emotions, decisions, beliefs, and attitudes toward life are shaped by what we see and hear. Most importantly, the meaning we attach to these things as individuals shapes our lives even more. In this regard, it is important to learn to deal with some of those things with which society is evolving. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, there are always moments we hear and see the things we know are not good for our existence and our belief system. The undesirable just keeps raising its ugly head. It is also very important to always remember that our common existence is predominantly shaped by those who control the air. However, it doesn’t interest Figures that inspire to duel on who is in charge of the air. In this article, I will be walking through the other side of the things they say.

My hope is that after reading this you will gain some more insight as to how to remain the boss of your thoughts and not allow some people live your life for you.

what do I mean “air”?

Of course, it is the air you hear and feel as it blows. It is what you subconsciously breathe in and out as you wander around. It is the radio waves for radio and television programs, telephone signals, and the INTERNET. No one can fairly and safely challenge the fact that whoever controls your mind controls your being and determines how you think. How you think is who you become. Those who sit in the air remote-control our modus vivendi and our modus operandi. Is it for our good? Well, my goal is to have you cherrypick from the things they say, as you learn to live life on your own terms. Let’s think about the other side of the things they say.

They say the media gives information

Information is knowledge or facts about something, someone, a situation, an event, etc. We rely on the media (as broad as the term may be) for information and what we normally do is think, feel and act according to the information we receive. We live in information like a boat at the mercy of whatever the ocean currents become. How crucial! As a matter of fact, there is abundant information about everything and anything. We seem to be drowning in information. Such information varies with various sources. we are surrounded by information but we are starving for wisdom. Here comes the question; why does information about one and the same thing vary with sources?

Well, what I didn’t mention above is the fact that anybody can storm the air. Let’s be honest with each other: the primary purpose of the media (to inform) doesn’t matter anymore. Nowadays it is about controlling you. There is nothing like news nowadays. What we get are soundbites and well-embellished commentaries dressed in NEWS. They know (better than many people) that your belief (thought system) is shaped by your experiences. The impression you have about some countries, places, personalities, and institutions is not because you have ever interacted with them personally. The things you know about them were communicated to you through ink, sound, and pictures. Nobody cares about informing you any longer. Informing you doesn’t get your attention. They want to control you.

An immediate example

Do you remember the last time you posted a picture of you (or someone you love) on any social media platform? When you accessed the gallery of your device you didn’t just choose that picture randomly. You posted inline with what impression you want viewers to have about the person on the picture. Let me ask you another dumb question:

How many friend requests did you receive after posting a nice picture of yourself? How many people wrote you to find out where you are and what you are doing? I guess your answers are as good as mine. A vast majority of people are moved by what they see and hear. The media pays you in that very currency. When they want you to think about it, they open it to your eyes in a way that would have a magnetic appeal. In some cases, you might try/experiment being like that. Be diligent how you handle “information”. Be careful, be wise, be smart!

They say to be like the guy on TV/pictures to be civilized. Figure out the other side of what they say.

Civilization, as in What is a Civilization? – Definition & Common Elements, is generally understood as an advanced state of human society containing highly developed forms of government, culture, industry, and common social norms. Well, with a definition like this one, I would remain hungry for more and better clarification: who is therefore a civilized man/woman? Who determines what is civilized and what is not? The Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners CD-ROM 2nd Edition. CD-ROM © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2007. Text © A&C Black Publishers Ltd 2007 captures civilization as a society that has developed its own culture and institutions. Ipso facto, a civilized man or woman is the one who lives and acts inline with culture and institutions of their society. Now you know who an uncivilized person is.

It is very common to hear fellow human beings use the word “villager” as a negative term. They use the word “villager” to mean “uncivilized”. If you don’t do it the way they have learned it from movies and some popular series then you are so uncivilized. People are gradually abandoning their cultural identities and they now identify themselves with other cultures and alien institutions and doctrines.

I foresee an African society where every “civilized man” will have tattoo on his body (Did you say God forbid???). The African woman is gradually becoming an art: the beautiful representation of a thing and not the representation of a beautiful thing. If her face is not like that of the woman on that calendar, then she is not beautiful. If she doesn’t behave like the other girls then she is uncivilized. How misleading! Well, if you are interested in being civilized, live according to your culture, in which case, every man/man would be a mirror image of their tribal line.

They say we are fighting each other because we have disagreed. The other side of what they say.

All men and women desire themselves and their families secured and safe. People just disagree on how this can be achieved. As Tony Robbins puts it, the real problem we have is that we focus too much on what we disagree on. If we can focus on the things on which we agree, we will make a lot of progress. Today there is no progress because we are made to start our discussions with the points that settle on our disagreements.

The earlier we realize that it is highly profitable business for someone when some people disagree, the better for us. This person will keep reminding us and influencing us on the basis that we have disagreed. If we must move forward, let’s start our discussions with the question “where do we agree?” We have not remained at the current position because we disagreed. Rather, we are still here because someone somewhere has hypnotized us such that we only want to duel on that point. However, everyone wants peace. Let’s start with: Where do we agree? That is the right question to start our discussion each time we meet at the discussion table.

They talk about deadly diseases

There is always news on the airwaves about a new terminal disease that has been discovered. Yes, there are a lot of deadly diseases nowadays. The question is, what is the primary cause of some of these terminal diseases? When they mention the name of such monster-diseases, where do we seek help?

In most cases, it is just another person’s profitable business. Someone controls us by making us live in fear. Do not be afraid! It would be better we get to work and develop local institutions to develop the African traditional medicine. Let the Asians do same, etc. If we keep trembling and rushing to one and the same person we will forever remain under control. We have what it takes to shield ourselves from such artificial pandemics. Be a leader as in The way of a leader. Be careful, be smart, be wise! Remain conscious of the other side of the things they say.

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