One of the things that distinguish us one from another is our various approaches to life. Again, this is indicative of the fact that two people would have two ways they interpret and and handle the circumstances of their lives. In other words, if two people are faced with one and the same situation, there is always something unique about how one person handles it.Tragedy or breakthrough is not what happens to you. It is what you do about what happens to you. What you do about anything and/or everything that happen to you is determined by your philosophy of life. However, we seem to be preys of the philosophy of the crowd. Very few people understand and are making use of the power of a personal philosophy. However, the crowd never makes a difference in society! Only individuals do, and such are very few.

What do I mean “Personal philosophy?”

Let’s understand personal philosophy as a personal approach to leading life. It is your concepts, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about everything. Taking information but not allowing anyone order you. This could entail doing the right thing, doing Good and living life on your own terms as in The other side of the things they say. This might also entail becoming contrarian as in A way out of the maze of self. Certainly, there are moments your approach to life will be challenged because the crowd seems not to understand what you are doing. There would also be moments you would think you are using the wrong approach. Well, you could be right, but be careful that you don’t keep changing your philosophy each time you meet the next person. Let your personal philosophy reflect only what you value.

You have to be smart in philosophy. Errors in judgement would be cumulative disaster. Most importantly, let your personal philosophy be inline with your culture, religion, values and dreams (because it is one side of your belief built-up). Many people stagger from one thing to another like a cup on water, until they drown and sink. The problem they have is not an economy that is bad. Their problem is their poor personal philosophy. They anchor their efforts on eventualities and not their personal convictions. If you don’t have a philosophy, anything can move you.

The most successful men in society worked according to their philosophy. They didn’t allow themselves to go with the wind, like the crowd. Like Jim Rohn puts it “do not work too hard on your job. Work hard on yourself”. Work on your personal philosophy. If you don’t have it, develop one. Well, whatever your philosophy is, be sure that it will bless humanity.

Some more insights as to why you need a personal philosophy

The truth remains: The economy is not going to determine your life in the next five or ten years. Your personal philosophy will do. If you have not developed a strong one for yourself, your future will remain in the hands of what others say about you, what they do around you, and what they want you to do. When you establish a firm one, you become immune to distractions and your eyes and emotions are glued to what matters to you.

1. The power of a personal philosophy: It helps you remain intentional in your actions

This means you can account for any action you take and every move you make. Your life remains under the direction of one thing; purpose. Your attitudes and activities are harmoniously tele-guided to the right direction. Anything you do you do for a reason and you take nothing for granted. You become self-disciplined and your mood doesn’t shift based on the actions of other people. You remain the one in control of the direction of your life, no one lives your life for you, as in The other side of the things they say. No one functions this way and fails in life. That is the power of a personal philosophy.

2. The power of a personal philosophy: It guides your character

If you are sincerely committed to making yourself the person you want to be, you will not only create your character, you will also strengthen it. Character is what remains after everything else is gone. Your character is you, you are your character. One of the greatest men of scripture, Paul, says bad company corrupts character. Beware of bad company. However, your character could as well survive when you mingle with bad company as you wander around, if you have an unshakable personal philosophy. This is particularly because you control what lodges in your thoughts for long. There will always be moments when you will encounter circumstances and people who do the things you shouldn’t do. If you are not firm, you will get carried away during all of such moments.

3. The power of a personal philosophy: It helps you to be patient and persevering

When you have your personal approach to life, you ave elaborate plans that lead you to your dream-life. This helps you to be patient and persevering even when you feel like what you seek is yet far away. Patience is a virtue.

4. It helps you to be sincere

Saying what you mean and meaning what you say; Being ready to pay whatever prize the truth costs; Talking and acting in a way that shows you really mean what you say; that is sincerity. Lying is the same as buying on credit. When you lie for personal gain, you remain indebted until the day you finally pay. This feeling of indebtedness follows you around and hypnotizes you just like catching a cold. There are moments when telling a lie is very serious business. Untruthfulness happens to be very tempting. However, if this is not part of your life, you won’t lie. Sincerity and truthfulness are virtues and genuine wealth and happiness only come with these.

5. It helps you to be courageous.

Just as the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, said more than 2000 years ago, courageous people are not people who do not have fears. They are people who fear the right thing, the right way and at the right time. As a man or woman with focus, your fears are properly coordinated. What generally motivate people’s fears today is that they will be helpless when certain things happen. People are afraid of being victims of circumstance. Are these fears legitimate? It sounds like being afraid of the dark. Why not just rise up and switch on the light. A truly courageous person doesn’t react, he acts (Jim Rohn). The man or woman with a strong personal philosophy fears nothing except fear itself.

6. It helps you abort the worry attitude; Worrying about the future and other people’s opinions of you.

As a man or woman in control of your own life, you anchor your thoughts on what is ton be done at the moment and not get worried and weary about the uncertainty of a bright future. You plan the seconds of your hours and the days of your years such that your mind is always focused on the things that have to be done right now. This way, you don’t have time to get worried and anxious about tomorrow. Above all, you understand that worrying does not change anything.

You are so confident in what you do so much that other people’s opinions do not matter to you.

To sum this up, it is important for each and everyone of us to decide what kind of life they want to live. When finally we become committed what kind of life we want to live, that is when live really starts. Otherwise, we just wander around and try to be like others. One of the world’s football legends, Samuel Eto’o, wrote on his facebook wall saying, if you put your foot on another man’s footstep, you leave no footprint. If you don’t want to be confused, decide an approach that will guide your life, and you will live life happily, gloriously and abundantly (Joseph Murphy).

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