We live in a world where falling is more alarming than rising, a world where failure seems to be more visibly dominant than success, a world where scarcity will never be solved. Notwithstanding, it is yet possible to see, feel and have something even before it exists. It is yet possible to see the end even before we begin. It is even more realistic to capture a thing in your imagination before it ever becomes palpable. After all, everything you find around you was first of all imagined before they were later made concrete. Those moments you feel like on your knees: those are the very moments that could turn your life around; be careful how you handle them. You must be like a seed; grow back when such moments try to bury you as if under the soil. Never let go of your imagination, hold to it until it becomes concrete (real ) in your life.

As the earth rotates and revolves, life takes us round and round, and even for the “richest”, there is always something that is lacking. That is the mystery! It is from this position that everyone is restless on a daily basis. Having imagined what life will become when we finally provide for what is lacking, we keep yearning for it just the way someone under water would gasp for air. Depending on the circumstances of our lives, such moments that could turn life around abound.  There is always something that inspires us to take the direction of the thing that we deserve. However, two things can happen during such a moment: either you give up under the weight of the unpleasant situation or you breakthrough it and catch your heart desires on the other side of the wall.

The thing that discourages us could as well be fuel for our strength.

If you have failed, then that is enough reason you must continue to try. Why should you stop? If you stop then why did you start it anyway? The journey to that dream life generally begins with a feeling of lack. It is either you lack something or you lack more of it. However, even as lack inspires us to go around for our desiderata, it rather gets some people weak. Consequently, they remain at that same position, hoping for nothing in particular.It is worth a reminder that it’s not the difficult moment that determines your life; it is what you do about it. Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. My intention in this article is to give you more insight as to how difficult moments are supposed to fuel your determination to succeed, instead of cramming you on your seat, as it is to many people.

I will attempt doing this by walking through the inspirational stories of three worldwide-known motivational speakers: Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and Dr Myles Munroe. I have chosen just these few, hoping that their stories as to how poverty and misery made them rich, will teach us to understand that poverty and/or misery should be the reason we must make our lives better instead of having it as a reason for not making progress.

1. Moments that turn your life around: The moment everything turned around for Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins was born to parents who quarreled each other and had very little to show for. They were poor and could barely feed. So he had a very difficult childhood. Tony could only attend High School because the condition of their family wasn’t favorable so that he could attend college. However, Tony didn’t stay there and remain poor. His difficult childhood gave him all the reasons and strength to change the situation of his life. Today he is a successful author, motivational speaker and business man with over 33 companies of his own. In addition to these, he is a business coach and he organizes seminars that are usually attended by thousands of people, some with Master degrees and PhDs in business.

The moment Tony Robbins became more aware of the situation of his life and started working tirelessly to change it

Beside all other moments, Tony remembers the day a man knocked at their door and when his father opened the door and saw that it was a man coming to offer them gifts as charity, he attempted closing the door. They had been hungry and helpless but his father wanted to deny the gift out of pride. However, he eventually accepted the gifts. Tony says he was the eldest child and whenever his parents insulted each other, as they always did, he had as responsibility to ensure that his younger siblings should not hear the things their parents said to each other. Life was difficult for them and that is why he couldn’t go beyond High School. He became more and more conscious of the fact that his life needed a change. The incident of the good Samaritan at their door fueled his determination to succeed. Today he is one of the men everyone wants to listen to. Moments that turn your life around!

2. The moment Jim Rohn’s life turned around

Jim Rohn, another successful author, motivational speaker, businessman and business coach (multimillionaire),was born to parents who earned just a middle class salary as farmers. He got married and later dropped out of school after being in college for just one year. At 25 he made a fortune for himself. Rohn later traveled around the world talking to people in seminars and coaching businessmen. During all his seminars, he insisted more on self-education and personal development. It’s also worth mentioning that Rohn coached Tony Robbins.

Moments that turn your life around; what particularly tickled Jim Rohn to march toward the life of his dreams?

During all his seminars, Jim Rohn never forgot to talk about the very moment when everything about his life changed.

The turning point of his life came when a little scout girl visited his neighborhood. She eventually knocked at Rohn’s door and asked him if he would buy some cookies for his family. Rohn refused, saying that his family had bought some (enough) already. However, this was not true. His family had not bought any cookies and this was particularly because they couldn’t afford to buy cookies. Jim Rohn lied to the little girl just to protect the image of his family, which image you can tell.

That was the moment that turned his life around. Jim became more aware that he needed to change his life, and most importantly, that of his family. Rohn changed his mind and his outlook in life. He had thought where he was in life was enough. However, his life was filled with so much more potential that he didn’t even realize. Being more mindful, Rohn would use the event in which he lied to the girl and he changed himself. By becoming more educated and investing in his mind, he would take advantage of life’s opportunities available to him. Throughout Rohn’s future as being a motivational speaker, he would use in many of his seminar’s and speeches that single event where he met the girl scout and how he lied to her. Jim Rohn died in 2009 at 79 leaving behind abundant wealth for his generation.

3. Myles Munroe

Such stories abound. Dr Myles Munroe (of blessed memories) as in The great Myles Munroe and his approach for success also had a very difficult childhood. Born to poor parents in a family of more than 10 children, Myles Munroe lived a miserable life as a child. They slept on the floor in a small house in the Bahamas. To make the long story short, Before Myles Munroe died, he was a successful preacher, author, and motivational speaker. He made a great fortune from traveling around the world and talking to people, and changing lives with the story of his life. As in The six “Munroe Principles” of success, Munroe teaches people what it takes to succeed in life. He wrote some of the best sellers the world knows. Well, you want to know the moment everything changed for him. It’s worth knowing.

Moments that turn your life around! What was the turning point of Munroe’s life?

The moment Myles Munroe’s life turned around for his good was when he started questioning his misery. Myles Munroe, in an interview he granted to a TV host in Kenya, says it was his very misery that taught him to ask questions about life. That was how he marched on. He sought to understand how and why a people created by one and the same God could be living under so very different conditions; some very poor, some very rich. Is it that God is a god of partiality? To find answers to this question, he understood his best bet was for him to read the Bible. As he read the Bible he came to understand that whether or not you are poor or rich is determined by how well you follow and respect principles. This knowledge was the beginning of his breakthrough.

Why do you think your own condition is permanent? How can “poverty” and failure be the reason you shouldn’t try to make progress in life? On the contrary, it should be your greatest motivation to move. Many people have become jaded about life and all they say is “what will be will be”. Moments that turn your life around: the moment you feel you are miserable, the moment you feel you are poor when you feel you are suffering when you are disappointed, when you have failed, just to name but these. Bounds on such moments and use them as your springboard! Let them be the reason you should work hard instead of becoming weak.

The way forward

Do not remain in that pit from where you keep yearning for the heat of the sun. Figure out a way you can start climbing up. Do not remain there and be an object of pity. Like Tony Robbin’s father, you must have refused someone’s offer, not because you were not hungry. At least once in your life, you have wanted to save your integrity like Jim Rohn vis-a-vis the little girl. You must have asked yourself how you can get better, just like Myles Munroe. Well, no one would gainsay the fact that there is still something they still seek in life; nobody, “rich” and “poor” alike. Of course, it never feels alright down there. Paradoxically, many people rather get weak when they remember that they lack. It shouldn’t be so.

The moment you remember that something you desire is lacking, the moment you remember you need a change in your life, that is the right moment for you to rise up and start moving towards your imagination. Like Jim Rohn puts it, you don’t have to change countries. You have to change yourself. Stand on your failures or misery, jump and fall on the other side!

There is more where this came from: Read The way of a Leader, The power of a personal philosophy, The life-changing question, Help the other guy, The six “Munroe principles” of success. etc.

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