Let me use the expression “get curious” to also mean “get interested”. In this regard, the question “what must I get curious about?” also means “In what must I get interested?” Recently, someone wrote to Figures that inspire and asked “How can I be successful as a man?” There are a good number of articles on this platform that could serve as answer to this question. Notwithstanding, I thought it will still be proper to handle this same subject in another way. After all, repetition is the mother of learning.

I think to ask about how you can be successful (as a man) is the same as asking what should be your point of interest or focus if you must be successful. I have found out that a lot of people desire success but their minds are leisurely dwelling on various (some) aspects of success and not success itself.  Such aspects like being rich (having much money), building a house, owning a business, having cars etc. However, there are cases where an individual is rich but their family is divided, there is no love, there is no happiness, the rich man himself is constantly not healthy, etc. Health is wealth, they say!

Riches versus success

It is very important to always make a difference between being rich and being successful in life. Anybody can be rich (it doesn’t matter how they acquire their riches), but very few people are actually successful. It is a wonderful thing to be rich. However, you must be careful about what you become in your quest for riches, and/or what you become when you finally become rich. Let me handle “being rich” with a lot of care, but I must say that being successful is more than just being rich. Perhaps, one could safely talk about success from alpha to omega and not make mention of being rich, in which case, “being rich” would be substituted with “being valuable”.

How do I become successful??

Success is not a thing that happens in a day. Success is a lifelong issue. The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep on being a success. Most importantly, a successful man is usually the one with a mind that has been through enough training and transformation. If you give a man what his mind has not grown up to, he will eventually fall back to his initial stage. The very successful people are the patient ones. To them, the world is like a classroom. Every experience comes just to teach them something new. They have figured out what they want in life, and that is all they get curious about.

Start by answering the question “What do I want?”. If you know what you want, you will know how you should spend the seconds of your hours and the hours of your days. Many people are interested in knowing about celebrities and how they live their lives, some just want to know how the newest drink or wine tastes. Others just sit and spar in argument (about nothing important), just swagger around and be noticed, etc.

well, the truth remains that you can only become what you spend time thinking about. The mind is like a garden, and whatever you plant on it will reproduce after its kind. If you want to become a lover-boy or a lover-girl, spend your time following such on TV and the internet. If you want to be like Barack Obama, spend your time reading about such people and following them on TV and the internet.


In a nutshell, just identify your role model (the one with values that tally with your personal philosophy)_The power of a personal philosophy. Start living the life he/she lives or the life he or she has lived. When you finally become like them, that will be success for you.

How do I become successful? What must I get curious about? What must I get interested in doing?

Having distinguished riches and success, what follows are various things Man can get interested in, if they want to be successful in life. I won’t mention being rich as one of those things because I assume that it is obviously one of them. In other words, it is the one everyone knows, since it seems to have become the layman’s definition for success.

1. Study peace and happiness:

You are truly successful if you are happy. Among other things, get curious about what real happiness is. Money might excite you but it might not always make you happy. True and lasting happiness might not mean the same thing for different persons, but it certainly won’t come with money alone. When you finally understand what the secret of true unalloyed peace is, you will experience a wonderful life. Judas Iscariot made almost a fortune by earning 30 pieces of silver, but he ended up unhappy with himself and eventually took away his own life. Anyway, if money alone can give you such peace and happiness, then you are successful. In any case, let it be that you are a happy person. Let it be that you have found internal peace.

2. Be curious about the things that can improve the state of your health.

It is said that health is wealth. Even as you get busy trying to get rich, learn the very basic things that will help you to be healthy. Excellent health comes because of some things you should do and also because of some things you shouldn’t do. Educate yourself about the secrets of excellent health. I won’t dare try to elaborate the various things that make a man healthy, neither will I try to mention what might be detrimental to one’s health. Figure out what will guarantee perfect health for you. That complements real success.

3. Find true love

It is written that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor in God. I think being successful also means being willing and able to raise a family of your own. Well, i’m conscious that the issue about marriage is complex. However, everyone knows that people wish they were happily married. If you desire true and genuine success, I will recommend you educate yourself on this subject too.

4. Learn about building good human relationships

No man is an island. Just as William James puts it,

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep

You can’t live your life alone. Strive to be on good terms with the people around you. This might warrant that you learn the science of forgiveness as in The Psychology of Forgiveness: 7 Lessons on How to Finally Let Go and Forgive Someone . Above all things, never think that you are self sufficient. You might also need the lessons about unconditional love vis-a-vis others. In any case, be the person who can preach love, peace and unity. You shall have to get curious about this too. Learn all the lessons that can help you to be like this. This complements success.

As a matter of fact, there is no singular way man would find happiness, good health, a true and lasting love relationship or build good human relationships. The intention of this article is to remind each and everyone that being successful is not all about being rich. Beside riches, you must learn to the lessons about true happiness and peace, good health, finding a true life partner and building good human relationship.

Anyway, this might not be all about the issues about a successful life. Please, let us know what you would add to this article to make it more helpful to the next reader.


  1. Mwiinga Lemmy says: Reply

    I am really encouraged with this article please do not stop posting such article to me and the world at large. Mind the Bible says those who know how to do good when they stop they sin. Please continue and may the good Lord Jesus Christ add more wisdom to you, Amen.

    1. True… for me success is not a matter of being rich… it also the joy and happiness in life together with your loveones….have peace love and harmony… be blessed to all…thanks

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