A lecturer of mine once told me: “We don’t spend time, time spends us”. The fact that only very few people are actually succeeding in life is not because the greater majority of people do not have plans for themselves. It is becoming rather clear to me that the highest difficulty is for people to just get things done as planned. Many people certainly know what they want for themselves. A great number even know how to genuinely go about it. Some have even decided when to start doing it. However, very few people finally get it done. Usually, the motivation to do the things that matter diminishes as the clock ticks. In my opinion, procrastination is the main reason why many people actually fail. Many things have passed us by just because we are still trying to do what we should have done yesterday. I am going to attempt teaching you some tips on how to overcome procrastination.

What is procrastination?

To procrastinate is to postpone for another time, what could be done now. In other words, you should, you can , but you don’t do it. Either you don’t start at all or you start and later postpone the completion of the task. Anyway, what is the difference whether you never start or never finish? Generally it is because there is not enough self-discipline. In some cases it is because of the fear of failure. As for tasks that MUST be completed, they are completed under pressure, just a little fraction of time before the deadline.

Procrastination is not laziness

Procrastinators often put off doing things, leave them to the very last moment or sometimes even spend their time staring at the wall. However be careful, procrastination is not a synonym for lazy _

Lazy people, simply don’t do anything and are just fine with it. Procrastinators, on the other hand, have the desire to actually do something but can’t force themselves to start.

When you procrastinate, it bothers you mentally, because you keep thinking about it even though you just can’t pull yourself down and do it. It drains your energy. On the other, a lazy person finds just enough peace in doing nothing at all.

Relaxation is not procrastination.

Relaxation recharges your energy. Procrastination doesn’t. On the contrary, procrastination robs you of the little energy you have because you are stressed up thinking about the thing you have left undone. Why give yourself so much trouble? Just get on it and have it done!

The opposite of procrastination is actually getting things done, and being able to relax, deal with your workload well and be happy in the long term

How to overcome procrastination; How to tend procrastination into perseverance

1. Break it down

The main reason why people procrastinate is that the goal or task itself overwhelms them. Many people keep their mind on the whole task or goal already accomplished. This leaves them anxious because it always seems enormous, and, rightfully so. Our minds keep running from Past to Future, and from Future to Past. The difficulty we all have is that we just can’t settle on the present and the task right in front of our nose. Once a plan for the future has been established, the next thing one must do is start executing it!

When you keep thinking about the entire plan or vision, it always appears too big and overwhelming. What everyone must do is break the task down into doable units. Figure out the various steps to the top of the ladder, then concentrate on climbing them one after the other. When you already know how many steps will lead you up, don’t focus on the number anymore. A journey of a thousand miles begins with just a footstep. You must have heard that saying in the past; it is not just a platitude. Focus on which step you must take now.

Break it down! Break it down into manageable pieces. Do one task at a time. Don’t miss doing the very first one very well. When you complete the first task, it makes you proud of yourself and encourages you to do the next _ 5 Ways to build your amour propre. It will later amaze you that you are already at the top.

For example:

If you were supposed to write a book, you might not think of it as very possible. You will certainly imagine a big book of so many pages lying on your table. This is undoubtedly overwhelming. Well, you are not the author of that book yet. However, you can become its author just by writing one page of that book on a daily basis. A page each day in 365 days will make a book of 365 pages. If writing a page in one day still overwhelms you, reduce it to what you can leisurely do without having to make a lot of effort. Do not look forward, do not look backward, look right here. Do it slowly, but steadily and surely.

2. Write it down

Writing it down remains a key technic to accomplishing a goal. A book, no matter how small, will do. Just write down whatever thing you have sincerely decided to do. Writing it down is the same as thinking about it twice. Write down the things you have to do for each day _ Blending Time-log with the to-do list. This keeps you more aware of the things you value in your life. In the course of writing, you think about it more than when you just “have it in mind”. This can go a long way to inspire the willingness and discipline that push you to get it done.

3. Focus only on what you must do NOW

This is very important and worth the repetition. Stay in this moment. Do not move out of it. Do not dwell on yesterday and tomorrow. Keep your mind on the-now things that have to be done, and put your hands on them. If something scares you, look at it face to face in the eyes, you will soon realize that what you saw was the big shadow of a very small thing. Sit back and laugh at yourself that you were initially scared of virtually nothing at all. Make the list of things very clear, then get on the one you must do now. When the next moment comes, live it in like manner. That is how you unconsciously travel into TOMORROW.

4. Think of the rewards

The rewards here must not be for you. It also concerns the people around you and around your life. How many people might you bless with the fruits of your efforts? How much value will you add to your life if you complete the task? Most importantly, how closer will you get to the life of your dreams? Think of these! Certainly, you won’t find any more reason to procrastinate.

5. Think of the consequences of not doing it

If thinking about missing the rewards doesn’t change your attitude, think of the consequences that might follow if you don’t do it. When you become fully aware that lying there and getting worried about not having done something you should be doing, and which you can do, will penalize you, you will certainly find strength to do it. Think of the bills you might not be able to settle, think of the people who might become helpless because they can’t rely on you any longer, think of the things you might lose if you don’t do what you have to do.

I wrote this article as way to talk to myself. But most importantly, I published it here because I knew that by talking to myself, I will talk to someone like you. Procrastination is a thief of time. Procrastination is cancerous. Don’t let it sink deep into you. Always get your things done, then have enough time to relax. I have also realized that some tasks are very pleasurable when performed during leisure time. Don’t be like the perfectionist who says ” I must have an ideal time before I start it”. The ideal time might just never come. Do it, do it now!

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