Have you ever said to yourself “If I had started I would have finished by now?” You must have had this feeling countless number of times too. It is often a feeling of regret. In most cases, you seem not to find any reason you actually left it undone, or the reasons were those that shouldn’t have overshadowed the importance of what you had to do. There were times you just couldn’t motivate yourself to do it, even though you were idle. You just couldn’t overcome procrastination _ How to overcome procrastination. Anyway, for as many reasons as there could be, they can all be explained by the fact that the thing to be done seemed plenty at that moment. In this article, I will highlight ways you can trample those big shadows of very small things.

Maybe you are considering starting a business or perhaps you want to undergo a training in order to acquire a new skill, but this idea still stands in front of you like Everest. Maybe you want to attend school and do another course, or probably you think it will be helpful if you learn a trade, yet you can’t find the motivation required, because it looks like a very long journey. Well, I will advise you to ask a mason what he did before the building grew up so tall. Ask the engineer too.

Choose when to think about it.

You must have noticed that your shadow is longest when the intensity of the sun is low _ At sunrise and at sunset. Does is it amaze you that the shadow length of one and the same person or thing will vary with time? At what time or moment of your life do you feel energy-rich?

I think it would be better if everyone chose a particular time of the day when they think about the things they have to accomplish. You will notice I didn’t say “think of it”. I said “think about it”. To think of it is for it to come to remembrance. To think about it is to brainstorm on it. Choose the moment of the day when you are a pillar of strength. At this very moment you won’t see the big shadows of very small things, that are cast generally because you can’t keep a stiff upper lip.

Figure out a playful way of doing it

Some of the tasks we have to accomplish seem so boring, if not hectic, because everyone does it the very traditional way (the way it has always been done). As in the way of a leader, do it in a way no one has done it before. Surround yourself with glee and make it enjoyable. There is certainly a song that inspires you each time you listen to it; listen to it too while you work.

The more interest you take in your work, naturally the more attention you give to it and the greater the results. We all do best what interests us……… The more absorbing the interest, the better – That factor alone will give you momentum and carry you a long way forward.

Claude Bristol

Make your work more absorbing by attaching something more interesting to it.

Playfulness improves thinking capacity and efficiency. When you indulge in playful activities like sports exercise and game, you develop a creative mind. To be creative is to notice how very unlikely things are related.

Figure out the various stages involved in the task

Every task involves a process. What everyone must do is avoid looking at a task as a tall complete story building. Start by studying the various steps that lead to the end of the desired outcome. Instead of looking at the task wholly, look through it. See which step is first, and which one follows.

Imagine the very doable units of the task, and you will find that the task is only whole because those units are there. if you think of the different units of the work, you will realize that you can do them one after the other, and that makes the work practicable.

Think of the importance of the accomplishment of the task

How important is the task you have to accomplish? What is it that you want to achieve with the task if accomplished? It must be something that matters to you. The truth is that the more you leave the work undone, the more the idea of doing it will dwell on your mind. This is usually more tiring than the task itself. Why give yourself so much trouble? Just get on it and get it done. By the time you finish, you will be very proud of yourself.

Think of the fact that it will be beneficial to somebody; it might not be you. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Most importantly, remember that anything you do will boomerang and come back to you. If it is service you are rendering to someone else, note that it is even more rewarding than doing it to yourself. The reward you receive might be meager or not commensurate to the service you render, but I assure you that your payment will come in a way you don’t comprehend (Topic for another discussion).

What you should remember

To overcome the thought that the task in front of you is enormous:

  • Choose when to think about it. You are not the same through out the day. You are not the same all the time. There are moments you are energy-rich. At such moments, call the task in front of you, look at it straight in the eyes and discover how easy it is.
  • Figure out a playful way of doing it. A task is easier and enjoyable if it “absorbs you like an absorbing game”, to quote D.H Lawrence, famous poet. Choose a very playful way of doing it. That makes the work interesting and you might not want to stop again after having started. One of the ways is by accompanying the work with good soothing music. It absorbs you and helps you accomplish a great chunk of the work even before you notice.
  • Instead of looking at the work as a whole. look through it. Figure out the various stages that make up the work process, and do them one after the other. It is the accomplishment of the various tasks that gets the work done. Before you know it, you will see a “skyscraper already completely built”.
  • Think of the importance of the accomplishment of the task. It is obviously very important to you or to someone you know. Nature pays you back without you noticing.

There is more where this came from. Find more inspirational articles on this platform. If this write-up is helpful to you, let us know by leaving a comment. If there is something you think should be subtracted or added to it, to improve on its quality, mention that in a comment too. Our hope is that you will also contribute to inspire the next readers even more.

Stay on the job of self-discovery. You’re great. You were born that way.


  1. Great article. Now starting a business one needs money but in the case one don’t have the start up capital. What can he/she do?

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    Wow since the first day I get this page I have been enjoying it …..Now football is what I do and I have done almost the very best way or kind of sacrifice to archive my goal yet I’m still on it not archive my goal of becoming a professional football ….my question is what should I do?

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