Don’t ever sell yourself short. Stand tall. Never be ashamed of who you are. You are beautiful, you are loved. You are needed. You are worth it. Promise me you won’t forget that. Promise me you won’t let your scars define who you are. Let your trials shape you. Let your victories humble you _Jennifer Nettles

 How many people do you know who have a knack for connecting with others? Very few of us are born with it. The rest of us need to learn it and learning it requires selling yourself.

If you do not practice the habit of showing the public what you can offer, you may get passed a promotion that was meant to be yours at work.

Selling yourself is something that everyone needs to learn. Whether we are trying to get a job, or get a date, our lives are filled with situations where we are seeking to persuade someone or “win them over.  Regardless of all the talents you may have, the inability to “sell” those talents to others will hold you back.

You need to be able to “sell yourself” to some degree in order for the public to know you. The success of your business depends on how well people know about what you offer

What does sell yourself mean?

Selling yourself means making yourself look impressive to other people. It means standing out and making people to know who you are and what you can offer. It also means to demonstrate one’s talents, merits, or desirable characteristics, especially in order to become employed or gain popularity.

Why do you need to sell yourself?

Selling yourself is the first step to success. One of my supervisors once told me that “sell yourself oh if not no one will ever sell you”.  yes she was right. Because, I later realized that for people to know you, know what you do, and know your capability is for you to sell and market yourself.

So without caring what others think, start telling your own story the way it was meant to be told. Embrace all your distinctive quirks, and don’t forget that your opinion of yourself is what matters most.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” —Steve Jobs

How to sell yourself

Identify Your Niche 

What is your passion? What are you interested in? What is your talents?  Think about this carefully and choose what your heart really wants. Let me tell you, if you decide to do something that you don’t like nor have passion for, believe me you will fail even before starting.

Think about what you have chosen and make a plan on how to achieve the goal.  Bring these elements together and explore the possibilities for how you can engage them in an innovation and problem solving. Focus on the uncommon things you have to offer.

Be unique

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” —Emma Stone

Always strive to stand out.  Find something nobody else is doing. Create something that did not previously exist. Be that new chimera the rest of us are too afraid to dream is real. Don’t try to be someone else or do something because you say others doing. Oh let me study mathematics in college because my best friend also studies mathematics. Wait a minute. You want to study mathematics because your best friend wants to do it? Let me ask you this question. Can you solve a simple Arithmetic? That is left for you to answer.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

Learn to be a master of your craft, a true expert in your field, and possess knowledge that can help the people you serve, you should be educating people at every turn and not copying from what others have done or are doing.

Increase your reach through media attention

You can also reach out to journalists at local news outlets, have a talk on radio or on television about who you are and what you offer.  Create a network of like-minded people in your field and work on connecting deeply and really getting to know one another. Genuine expertise is always drawn to other experts, and in their company you can open up a whole world of new possibilities and getting the media outlets to talk about it and within no time you will become big and known everywhere.

Create your own content

There’s too much competition now our days. You need to network, communicate, and engage with people as you want to be, and you won’t get there by hiding who you are or what you can do. You can only get them by creating your own content for the word to read and get you to the top.

“Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.” – Leeodden

These days, the barrier to becoming your own media outlet is dropping. You can create videos with your smartphone, or even with   your computer at home. You can also write blogs post on what you do and how you do them. With this, many people will read and get to know who you are.

Believe me, it’s a great opportunity for you to relay your expertise through a platform that best showcases your strength.

Explore the social media.

Spend focused time on social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and electronic groups in your industry. Social media has even made it easier for us to sell ourselves to the public and let them know who we are.  Which makes it easier than ever to reach new audiences. Rather than using these platforms to share unnecessary pictures that others will only like and comment and which will add no value to your life, use them to share content for your followers to read and learn a lot about your company or job. Share positive things about yourself and job. Avoid negative posting that might tarnish your image in public.  

 But use your time on social media wisely. Rather than being everywhere all at once, pick one platform and do a really great job at connecting with new people, sharing your message, and providing value. Share your knowledge on a bigger platform.

 Speak up

Speaking and sharing what you do to others is the best way to sell yourself.  There is power in our words. There is no better way to share what you know than in a live situation. So create those opportunities where you can be the one in front of a crowd speaking and teaching others what you know. Always be motivation to speak everywhere find yourself. Be it in clubs, association meetings, and conference workshops. The more you speak, the better you will get and the more connections you will make

 “I take a deep breath and sidestep my fear and begin speaking from the place where beauty and bravery meet–within the chambers of a quivering heart.”― Terry Tempest Williams.

Showcase what you know by building a knowledge base. Grow your reputation and promote your informed opinions. Contribute articles and blog posts any time you have an opportunity. Make sure it’s informative, well written, timely, and valuable to readers.

Last word: No excuse please.  Stop thinking about all the reasons you can’t start today and just get started. Please leave a comment below to express your view on this post.

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