It is common tradition to set resolutions at the beginning of the year, inline with what you will do, that you must do, and that which you wouldn’t because you shouldn’t. Of course this is correct. However, it is important for everyone to understand what matters and what doesn’t. Almost everybody sets (a) new year’s resolution(s) at a time like this, but not more than 10% of them end up achieving their goals at some point in time. Setting a (your) new year’s resolution on 31 December is like receiving Christ on a particular day in front of a man of God or simply somewhere around the pulpit. It doesn’t end there. The real thing starts the moment you make that pronouncement.

Above all things we are going to discuss here, it is important to know that a new year’s resolution is not an obligation. You must not have one, unless it really matters to you. Do not just follow the crowd.

Is your new year’s resolution a burning desire or a mere tradition?

I remember my primary and secondary school modus vivendi, when I thought of a resolution as if it was a social and moral obligation. I usually adopted 1 or 2 of them so that if I was asked what mine was, I would at least have something to say. You could safely say that I wanted to avoid the mental pressure and shame of not having one.

Similarly, many people just have a jolt of excitement about having a new year’s resolution. Beyond that there is virtually no consciousness about why they need to evaluate themselves every now and then and follow this up till the end. They just want to be counted among those who live an intentional life. How determined are you? How important is that thing you are making a goal? Is it significant to your life? Why must you achieve that thing? Does it bother you if no one knows about your new year resolution?

What is a (your) new year’s resolution?

Let me start by saying what a New Year’s Resolution is NOT. A New Year’s Resolution is NOT A WISH. It is a compelling thing inline with your vision. A resolution is not just a thing you SHOULD DO. It is about a thing you MUST DO. As a social being, it feels better when Man makes progress in life. So there comes a time when they have to sit and reflect about their life, figuring out what has been left undone and that which has been being done, however misleading.

A new year’s resolution doesn’t come ex-nihilo. In what aspect of your life do you need to make progress? If you adopt another person’s, you will be trying to live their own life. In this case, it will rather be surprising that you succeed at the end. It is important everyone understands The Power of a personal philosophy. Let your vision guide what New year’s resolution you make. If you don’t have a vision, you don’t need a New Year’s Resolution.

If you know the significance of your new year’s resolution, you will understand what it takes to be faithful to it.

The phrase “New Year’s Resolution” is more or less a cliche. Notwithstanding, it is powerful. To set a new year’s resolution is synonymous to making a covenant with yourself at the beginning of the year. It is the laying down of rules that will guide you to achieve a particular thing in your life. This has to do with a lot of self discipline. It is not enough to decide what you want to achieve in the course of the year. You must also take control of yourself so that you can achieve this goal. You want to make progress in life, don’t go with the wind. Stay focused. Always acknowledge that it is easier to do the wrong thing than the right one, so that you learn to overcome this topsy-turvy.

Don’t make your new year’s resolution a vague one

Make your goals specific, measurable and achievable.

For example:

Don’t just say “I will read a lot of books this year”. Say “I will read one book monthly” Don’t say “I will exercise regularly”. Say “I will exercise once every week”. Don’t say ” I won’t drink excessively anymore”. Say ” I will take just two bottles of beer (as the case may be) weekly”. In a nutshell, make it feasible. And to achieve this, you will need to know How to overcome procrastination

Most importantly, decide to do only what you will really do, just as in Blending time-log with the to-do list. The truth is that those who fail, do so not because they do not move up to their goals. Conversely, they fail because they simple walk down to their past routines. This is what you must avoid. You shall have to avoid those habits that have kept you at this level of your life for this long.

Your new year’s resolution should reflect a strong desire to succeed

Besides, if your desire to succeed is stronger than your fear to fail, then you really don’t have a problem. Remember that if out of weakness you don’t complete a certain task at some point, it’s not okay but it is normal. You may notice that you are watching a football match instead of reading as you had planned. What matters is not that you have failed, the important thing is what you do when you notice that you have not done what you should have done.

And now that you have already figured out what you really must do this year, what you must learn is the principles that guide it. Some people drop their New year’s resolution before January 20 simply because they can’t follow the natural rituals that accompany that line of success. You must learn to the rituals that lead you to your goal. You can’t continue to do the old things and expect new results. As Tony Robbins puts it:

There are two pains in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.

What you must endure is the pain of discipline, because you really don’t want to regret at the end of the year. As you do this, keep your mind on the goal. And let it be that your goal is a PULL motivation. You will like the outcome. May God help us all.

Stay on the job of self discovery. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020! AMEN


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