Everybody desires progress in life. Of course, you are not an exception. You must have been thinking that if you make a lot of money this year you will be a very happy person. You must have also said that you want a change in your life. Let me start by saying something rather controversial: It is not money that makes people happy. It is progress that makes us happy. You will never make enough money, but you can make enough progress. Progress? What is progress then? Well, let’s find out. Similarly, when you say you need a change in your life, you actually mean that you desire to make progress. Don’t worry about change; change is constant. What we really need is progress. So how can we make a lot of progress this year? How do we make this year a boom?

Good ideas will help you make this year a boom

I guess you are scratching your head at the moment, wondering how on earth ideas would help someone make progress in life. Ideas? Well, there is nothing as powerful as an idea. Business ideas, health ideas, social ideas, relationship ideas, personal relationship ideas, etc. Just one more idea could turn your life around. But where do you get such ideas? You don’t have to “go the 360 degrees”. All you are looking for is around you.

A conversation with a friend

I say “friend” to mean the people with whom you interact, on a daily basis, perhaps. It could be your brother, sister, teacher, mentor, or just an acquaintance as well. Anyway, I take for granted that you won’t think I mean to say that everything you hear from anybody is a good idea. Of course not. In essence, there is always something you learn from someone, no matter how small it may seem. The most important thing is that it should fall in line with your personal philosophy, as seen in The power of a personal philosophy.

Never think that what others have to say is just nonsense. By the way, in every nonsense there is sense. Learn even from the mistakes others make around you. Every eventuality around you ignites an idea in your mind that passes like lightening. Chase the very good ones and harness them. If for example someone says something that makes you think of doing a business, helping the needy, building a house, etc. and it is something you would love to do, catch the idea and sit on it. Do not worry about the means immediately. If you put the means first, you might kill the will.

Lyrics from a song

There is always something in a song that influences the way you think. For as long as what is said in the song falls in line with your personal philosophy, it educates you positively. Pick out from the song, the very ordinary ideas that will influence you extraordinarily. Pick that idea you had no idea about, harness it , and make progress in life.

Just headlines on a news paper

A simple news paper headline is not simple. It can inspire you to think of something you have never thought of. Few lines of a book can also illuminate your mind and set you in motion like never before. An article like this one could do the same “miracle”. You just need to get the right answer to the question What must I get curious about?

A movie: An idea from a movie can help you make this year a boom.

You can watch a movie from alpha to omega and learn nothing, but someone would step in, watch just one scene and has his mind blown by a wonderful idea that transforms their attitude towards life. However, it must be that the movie you watch casts images that tally with your personal philosophy. Be one of those people who say ” I have my own kind of things that interest me in movies” . That is the same as watching movies with focus! Looking for things that will add meaning to your life. Such positively-educative ideas from movies can make this year a boom for you. Harness all of such ideas and use them to make a lot of progress in your life.

A TV/radio documentary

A documentary could teach you to do something you are interested in. Documentaries open your mind to understand how other people on another side of the world live their lives. When you see how they live and understand how they succeed, you may choose to adopt their modus operandi. Listen to documentaries, watch documentaries! There is a likelihood that this will help you make this year a boom.

Only ideas (thoughts) have the power to modify your attitude in life. Choose what you see, choose what you hear, choose the kind of thing you want to think of. That essentially, is having a sense of direction in life.

Avoid procrastinating too much

As in How to overcome procrastination, you must learn not to plan for tomorrow what you could as well do right now. When we waste time we miss opportunities. Do it today, do it now, do it well! Why? Because it is primordial for your progress.

Don’t complain; make this year a boom

Complaining saps us of the energy we need to move on. When you spend time complaining instead of moving, you remain stagnant. Those who succeed big just go through the pain silently and let people see only the results. Do not keep your mind on what you don’t have at your disposal. Keep your mind on how possible it is to go around the challenges you face. Don’t say that your country is bad; your country is all you have, bless it. As Jim Rhon puts it:

Never wish it were easier. Wish that you were stronger

Stay strong, stay focused.

Plan your days well

It is the seconds that make the minutes, the minutes that make the hours, the hours the days. If you can spend the seconds of your minutes and the minutes of your 24 hours well, then your year is safe. It is under control. To do this, you will need to learn the science of Blending time-log with the to-do list

Be careful about your health

You won’t do anything helpful if you are not healthy. You must take care that nothing tampers with your good health. Don’t only pray, but eat healthily, smoke not, drink with moderation (whatever thing it may be). A healthy mind in a healthy body, so does a saying. Avoid all things that would mess up your good health. Exercise regularly. Be healthy and ready. Opportunities await you.

Create healthy relationships

Let it be that the people with whom you have chosen to associate are helpful to you and that you are helpful to them. This relationship will affect your progress in life. It could be negatively or positively as the case may be.

Evaluate yourself occasionally

You must create time every now and then so that you may meditate and see how far you have come. This will help enlighten you as to how much you still have to do. Be strong, remain focused!

Revisit Your New Year’s Resolution. We live in a beautiful world. Happy new year 2020!!!

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