To step up, you step out. Yes, step out of yourself. Solomon Benjamin Carson Sr, popularly known as Ben Carson, was born in 1951 in Detroit- USA. He was raised by a single mother who could barely make a living. His mother cleaned houses to be able to raise him and his brother. Ben Carson suffered humiliation and complex while he was in school because he was called “dull”. Well, Carson was a very slow learner. There is something unique and inspirational about how Carson overcame himself. This makes me think of it as “the Carson Push”.

Ben Carson later became one of the best, if not the best, pediatric neurosurgeons in the USA and the world. Carson registered landmark success in 1987 as a neurosurgeon. He separated conjoined twins (joined at the head) in September, at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Ben Carson has also written and published over 9 books so far. He has been the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development since 2017. Do you wonder how a slow learner became a role model to everyone (including “intelligent people”)? Well, i’m interested in telling you anew that no condition in (your) life is permanent. You can always turn it around. I am interested, above all things, in telling you that there is no dull person. There are only people who are still struggling to come out of such a diabolically negative suggestion.

The Carson Push; how did Solomon Benjamin Carson Sr push through?

Today Ben Carson is a living monument. Of course, this is not by chance. In this life, nothing is fated, everything is formed. How did Carson swim through the river irrespective of weather condition?

Carson listened to his mother

Carson’s mother, who had not gone beyond 3rd grade , was rich in wisdom. she understood the power of imagination, hard work, confidence and society. This was exactly what Ben Carson needed to overcome himself. While in school and in the world, Carson was surrounded by people who knew how to remind him that he was the dullest person in the world. When he was with his mom, he was reminded that he was a boy with a wonderful imagination.

Well, Ben Carson had the choice to not listen to his guardian as well. But he did, and that is what makes the difference. The point is that when you are blessed to have someone around you who can educate you about the RIGHTS and WRONGS of life and tell you how good you are, please listen to them. No one is too big to listen to advice. Real education is different from schooling. Listen to advice from loved ones if you want to make it in life. It is only the stubborn fly that follows the coffin to the grave. Listen to advice and stay away from the bad crowd. Carson would tell you that he did so as he climbed the ladder of success.

The Carson push; Ben Carson read a lot of books.

His mother would discipline him to read two books every week. Each time he read these books, he submitted a written report about them to his mother (needless to mention that she herself did not understand what he gave as report, but her children didn’t understand this). Constant reading helped him develop sharp cognitive ability. Reading is not always pleasurable, but if you can make it your culture you will never regret it.

Solomon Benjamin Carson Sr was willing and determined to challenge himself and the manner his classmates thought of him.

Someone inspired me one day when he said that his greatest motivation is the people who think that he is worth nothing. Each time he thinks of that, he realizes that he really needs to prove them wrong. That should be your attitude, dear reader. Do not crumble in front of people who know nothing about your potential, people who just think they know you. Stand tall!

“Where there is a will there is way” is cliche but it is capitally true . For as long as you keep that moral and nourish it always, something will change. Don’t give up on the thing you really want to do. If you should be classified among the world best in your domain like Carson, you would have worked hard; nothing comes by chance. Yes, you can!

How is Ben Carson’s success story related to yours?

You might have asked yourself that question too. After all, you are not “dull” in school, you are not even a student anymore. Notwithstanding, there are moments in your life when you find reasons to think that you might not succeed in whatever thing you are doing. This article is just here to remind you that no challenge is too big for a dreamer. Look at the dream and not the challenges. There is always a way around any challenge you face. Like Ben Carson, overcome what seems to be the huge obstacle to your dreams. You can’t change circumstances, but you can change how you look at them.

What you must always remember

Never forget that all the great people you have heard of have been through the jaws of defeat. The only thing they didn’t do was give up. Never think that the difficulties you face is reason for you not to rise up to the top. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. Whatever be the case, let there be movement. Just keep moving; never give up! Start this year and make this year a boom.

Ben Carson separated Patrick Blinder and Benjamin Blinder on September 1987 when they were 7 months old. He was the first pediatric neurosurgeon to succeed in doing that. It took him and 70 other staff 22 hours to complete the operation. What commitment! This is just one monumental success among others. Today he is secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He says as a pediatric surgeon, he operated little children who later went back to very uncomfortable homes. This made his heart ache. Today as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, he makes sure the society is habitable for all. That is service to humanity! Dear reader, there is something you too are capable of. Do not fail.

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