One of the very recurrent questions you asked Figures That Inspire these days was “How can I overcome depression?” This article is particularly for you . It is also for you, reader. It doesn’t really matter anymore who asked the question. Anybody could have asked it. Well, depression is a mental state in which you are sad, feeling cynical about everything and perhaps, anything too. It is fueled by the thought that your situation is too difficult and you are desperate because you can’t help it. Most unfortunately, you become lethargic. Nowadays, depression sleeps the night and hovers around all day long, undesirably. Everyone needs to understand how to overcome depression because no one is immune to this monster feeling.

This feeling could last for just some hours as the situation may be. However, some people can be depressed for a lifetime. This has let many folks into doing a lot of dump things. Depression, apart from being an illness on its own, is the cause of many illnesses. As a matter of fact, the world is very characteristic of depression. No one would gainsay the fact that depression is the main promoter of the alcohol and drug industry. How good does alcohol taste? How nice is drug? The reason for taking them is so remotely different from its taste. Unfortunately for mortal man, these things simply cover the wound for just a moment, but never heal it. We will be walking through a number of ways depression can be overcome, but before that, let’s see what causes depression.

If you want to overcome depression, know what causes it.

The disparity between human wants and human provision

As for the causes of depression, there are as many of them as there are desires and human wants. In Economics, it is told that human wants are unlimited and cannot be satisfied entirely. We will not always have all the things we want. Most often it even takes “too much” time just to have one of them. This is what makes our hearts to ache every now and then, sapping us of the energy we need to live a happy life.

Negative self-talk

Negative self-talk is also very common, and causative in the light of depression. You can’t tell yourself one thing and be another thing; you can’t think of one thing and be another. For as long as you keep telling yourself in your head that you are a nobody, you will remain in that pit of downheartedness. It’s unfortunate. You must start telling yourself good things if you want to become that way. Say it until it becomes true to you. Shakespeare says:

Assume the virtue if you have it not

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Unjustified fear is a horrible terror. Fear is a monster. This monster actually makes people sick. Fear of all kinds and sizes is a terrible psychological infection. If you can overcome your fears, you have overcome your depression.


This is one of the very common causes of downheartedness. Failure in marriage, school, failure in securing a job, failure in establishing a business etc. When people do not succeed in doing the thing which might have been the burning desire of their heart, they are disappointed and filled with regret. If everyone can understand the essence of the saying that the downfall of a man is not the end of his life, we will have made progress in this light. Even successful people have known failure before. What they don’t do is sit there and lament over spilled milk. They simply stand up and find their way forward. If difficult as this may be, they just know reflecting on the past is slow poison, so they choose the way forward.

There are as many causes of depression as there are people and the unpleasant situations of their lives. There comes a time in life when you are so downhearted. However, we must learn to substitute it with happiness because that is what gives life.

Tips on how to overcome depression

One of the sure ways to overcome depression is by reversing the tendencies listed above:

  • Check and manage your expectations wisely; desire things but cling to nothing. Always remember that for as many things as you want, you will have them but they will not always come to you as timely as you desire. Work hard towards the things you really need and believe you will have them. Don’t consider luxury as a primary option; If it comes, let it come naturally. But what is luxury? Discussion for another day.
  • There is a storyteller in your head who says a lot of things to you concerning your personality. It considers your experiences accordingly and then defines you to you. You must take control of this storyteller and decide the things it says about you. Let it be that the things it says are things you are proud of. Dear reader, never forget to tell yourself that you are an amazing creature of God Almighty. Think positively about yourself, speak positively about yourself. If you can overcome negative self-talk, you will have overcome depression of any form. Don’t dwell on a negative past. Before you go to bed, remind yourself the successes of the day, so that you fall asleep feeding on pleasant glee.
  • What do you fear? What do you fear most? Don’t allow that control how you live your life. Everybody fears something. What you must never do is meditate on the thing you fear. Meditate only on its opposites. That puts you several miles ahead of fear. That is a sure way for you to trample depression.
  • Have you failed in something? Don’t duel on that. All successful people have experienced failure in the past. When you fail it doesn’t mean that you are a failure, but if you duel on your failures, you will be a real failure. You don’t want that to be your case. Rise up and get going. If you love yourself that much you will not remain rolling in the mud simply because you slipped and fail. That instead gets you dirty and messy. Come on, get on your feet and move on.

Common orthodox ways people overcome depression

  1. Pray: Prayer is the most powerful thing everyone needs in this life. Every wise man knows this. You have a creator, and He knows everything that surrounds your life. God never fails, this can’t be overemphasized. Just turn to Him, acknowledge His faithfulness in your life, then get busy doing other things. You are not alone. God is always with you. Pray! Talk with God and worry about nothing, because He cares for you.
  2. Take a walk: Taking a walk can also help relief you of an emotional weight. You may choose to visit a friend or simply go and watch a game. That will help remove your mind from the monster that is scaring your joy away.
  3. Share the burden with someone: It is said that a problem shared is a problem half solved. If something bothers you and really weighs you down emotionally, find someone to whom you can talk and tell them the issue. That way you don’t carry it alone. The person might advice you, but if they don’t, it helps just having shared with them.
  4. Don’t be alone: Do not be alone when you are worried about something. When you are in the midst of other people you could pick the contagious smiles that glow on their faces. As you discuss with them about things remotely different from your personal worries, the load is lifted from your mind.

Always remember

Whatever be the cause if your downheartedness, you can rise above it and live life gloriously. Just be fair with yourself. Love yourself even more. This way, you won’t stay down at the roadside while others drive and pass you by.

If you find this write-up helpful, don’t forget to mention it by leaving a comment. Please, if you can suggest other ways depression can be overcome, let us know. This will help make the world a better place as other read can get enlightened. Thank you so much.


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    1. May God bless you too, Top Trends. It pleases Figures That Inspire to know that this write-up is helpful to you. Warm regards!

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