Towards Mental Exploits is the tittle of one of the books written and published by Bishop David Oyedepo. In this book, he emphasizes on the power of the mind

Your worth in this life is essentially a product of the use of your mind. Man is a unique creature, and possesses unusual endowments. There is so much inside man! Only eternity, I think, can reveal the total worth of the creature called Man……… The state of your life is determined by the state of your mind. Your thoughts hold the key to your life.

The fact remains that there is no school with the faculty of Success. Notwithstanding, we attend school hoping we succeed in life. Essentially, the goal of school is to mold the mind towards desired attitudes. School may never teach you how to think, but school will always teach you what to think. The world is filled with people who think identically. In school, we have been taught what to think. Unfortunately, we do not know how to think. This explains the general mediocrity that characterizes our society. Very few people have already understood this, and they are the ones that have excelled so far.

Get this again

What you think is not necessarily wrong. It is definitely true. The question is this: How do you get to know those other things that no one has never told you simply because they too were not told? In epistemology, we question how we get to know the things we think we know. Our society has made us victims of mass thinking. This is why we, massively, are mediocre, if not poor.

If you are an intellectual or a student as the case may be, people of your level and above definitely know what you think. I want you to make a difference by intentionally working on how you think. This is what will catapult you miles ahead of the ordinary man. The mind is tremendously instrumental in this life. Take note that the courses you study were designed by someone. You are simply studying and practicing another person’s thinking. What is your thinking? There must be something you can develop for the sake of your society. Find a way out of the maze of self .

Chapter 1 of Towards Mental Exploits: Understanding the mind.

The mind is the seat of feelings and thoughts. You must have noticed the value of a mad man in our society. He is a mere specimen. For instance, he is not aloud to vote and he can’t be voted for. He goes around unnoticed, except for the fact the he is irritable. He can’t work in an organization like blind men do, like crippled men do, like deaf men do, like deaf and dump men do. The society needs every other man except the ones who have lost their sanity. That echoes the power of the mind. Dear reader, you must put your mind to use. That is what makes it of great value.

Bishop David Oyedepo goes ahead and discusses two types of mind: The carnal mind and the spiritual mind. Remember that the world is governed by two opposite forces: Good and Evil. Choose the one and live life gloriously, choose the other and become personified abject misery.

For the carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: For it is not subject to the law of God , neither indeed can be.

Chapter 2 of Towards Mental exploits: Functions of the Mind.

You must have noticed that an abandoned house collapses faster than the one that is being put to use. So is your mind. If your mind is allowed for too long without use, it decays and crumbles. This means you will become so dormant in life and almost valueless to your society. Bishop David Oyedepo in Towards Mental Exploits discusses four good ways you can make your mind a means to a positive end:


Learning takes place in the mind and here, information and knowledge are stored, so that they are readily used when needed. Quoting Dr. T.L. Osborn, David Oyedepo says:

When you stop learning, you start dying.

Abraham Lincoln also said:

W.hen you stop learning, you are old, whether at 20 or 80.

People start ageing from the mind, not from their body. You must keep learning because learning never ends. If a man keeps learning, he remains young. Anthony Robbins is said to have read 700 books in his high school days, ranging from psychology and philosophy. He later became of great importance to his society. Today he a consultant to so many companies around the world.


Meditation is the mental processing of knowledge into understanding. For you to understand things, meditate on them. Always find time to be alone so that you may ponder on the things you must understand.


To reason is to engage in rational, logical and analytical thinking. This is what guides you in making sound decisions.


Imagination opens you up to a destination. Use your mind to imagine a future for yourself. For as a man thinketh, so is he (prov. 23:7)

As you continue reading Towards Metal Exploits by Bishop Oyedepo, you will notice that the reality of supernatural mentality, your mind as the seat of wisdom, and you come to realize how amazing are the products of divine thinking. When you become the master of your mind, your life i full of creativity, exploits, authority, joy, wealth, pleasantness and peace, dominion and answers. You must figure out how to think productively! And when finally you master your thoughts, work hard to keep the treasure because it is still possible you lose it.

Other issues discussed in the book

Towards Mental Exploits also reveals how the mind is the place of inspiration, and how your good mastery of your mind will help you create the right atmosphere for your proper functioning. So, by the time you travel through out the book you will have learned the science of exercising the mind for mental excellence. Nothing will be unknown to you because you will also learn what obstacles of mental excellence are. As a matter of fact, by the time you finish studying the content of this treasure, you will be set for mental revolution because now you know.

If after reading through this article you have understood the relevance of learning, start by learning from this book by Bishop Oyedepo. It will definitely work for you.

Key thing

The mind is seat of all the things you seek. Get into your mind and find them. Learn to think, think, think and think. Think beyond the limits set by school curriculum. Do exploits, change your society! God bless you as you stay awake.

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