Overcoming the fear currents in the air waves.

Dr Myles Munroe, of blessed memory, once said that those who control the world are they who have control over the air. Everything seems to be taking place in the air right now. You just can’t concentrate here because the air is filled with a lot that concerns you and your loved ones directly. There is no radio, website, TV station or any of the various social media platforms on which you won’t read and hear the talk about this evil called “coronavirus” Aka, covid-19. Well, I could not have spilled my ink after this long, and take the chance to talk about something else. Fear is a monster-killer. Be careful about fear because it kills even more than the situation itself. You and I will not dwell on the various rumours as to what/who must have caused this “darkness”. Let us rather answer the question “what do we do now that it is here?” And let us do this while we are calm and poised. Weeping may tarry for a night, but joy cometh in the morning, so says the Lord through the Timeless Book. I am particularly interested in us overcoming the fear currents in the air waves.

What’s at stake?

It is our culture on Figures That Inspire to discuss success; but how can a mind that is in fear concentrate only on being successful in life? All we have in the air waves these days are fear-inducing images and statistics. Within the confines of our rooms, fear feeds on our peace and happiness while we descend into the deep pit of depression. The first step to succeeding in life is to be alive. For us to stay alive and focused, we must overcome this fear and anxiety.

What about overcoming the fear currents in the air waves??

When I talk about overcoming fear it is because I acknowledge that it is just normal to experience fear in times like this. If I say that you are not to fear, it is not because I have overcome my own fears already. As a matter of fact, I am scared too. But the truth is that this fear doesn’t help. It will be catastrophic if you and I go around, electrified by these fear currents. This way, we will have lost focus. We must rise above it and remain in our right minds. This will help us to keep thinking clearly, especially about staying safe.Just stay calm and ask yourself what you must do and what you must not do. When you know these things, act on them and fear dies away naturally.


To pray is to acknowledge that you have a Supreme Being who created you and who controls everything about your life. Prophet T.B. Joshua says crisis and affliction come to test and reveal your relationship with God. If you move around and meditate only on the fearful thing, it shows how little you trust your God. At a time like this, we must meditate only on the Greatness of God our creator. He created the air, the land, the sea and HE knows every secret there is in it. Is there anything too difficult or impossible for God to do? Faith is useful where things seem impossible. Dear reader, bow down your head and look up to God. When you submit your fears to Him, forget about them and carry on. It doesn’t matter what you see around you. Just keep doing the right thing, as you avoid the wrong thing, knowing that God is always the Winner. Don’t stop praying, it is a sure road to overcoming the fear currents in the air waves. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Wash your hands “religiously”

Do not joke about the sanitary condition of your hands. Wash and disinfect your hands as if you don’t pray, even as you pray as if you know nothing about washing of hands. We have been recommended social distancing and isolation. Let’s respect this and step out only when it is very necessary. If you want to be comfortable in your mind, then act comfortably. Now that you have been told what you must do to be safe, that’s all you should be doing. Besides, be mindful of the fact that money is one of the fastest things that circulate from one person to another. You never can tell who touched it before the last person who handed it to you. This is to say that money is more or less an active vector of the virus. Be careful how you handle money. Wash your hands after using it.

Avoid watching or following news a lot if it leaves you anxious.

The truth is that you cannot see and hear one thing and expect to think of another thing. What your ears and eyes constantly feed on will determine the condition of your mind and your emotions. Of course, you must stay informed, but a news summary once in a day would be just all right. Don’t spend time looking at what scares you. On the contrary, you could rather settle for TV and radio stations that soothe your mind with what God says about the situation. Good music will also do you a lot of good. Do not settle for what makes you fearful and anxious.


If you are depressed, sport also helps you to bubble out of yourself. Even within the confines of your room you can do a lot of helpful exercise. Do not stay dormant. Sport will also go a long way to boast your immune system. As a matter of fact, it is one of the sure means of overcoming the fear currents in the air waves. find some tips on how to Overcome depression

Come to think of it; there is nothing to be afraid of. There is only something we must be very careful about. Be careful about covid-19. Step up your hygiene habits and remain cool in the head as you pray. Most importantly, keep radiating good thoughts for the people who have been infected and for everyone else.

You are not alone. God will see us through. Let me see you when this is over.

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  1. Yes fear kills faster than the disease itself. That is the reason why God did not give us the spirit of fear but of power and sound mind.

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