About Us

Figures That Inspire is an organization rooted on the belief in the power of positive thinking. Its intention is to look at the life of world motivational speakers who have their footprints on the sands of time and point it out to prospects. The goal is to emphasize on the ideology of these icons, showing how it worked for them and how their teachings have transformed the lives of others all over the world. We get curious about their modus vivendi and try to tap from their thought system. Having found the various aspects of their teaching as contextual and reliable (by our judgment), we talk about them to our readers. Our conviction is that when they read about these epitomes of genuine success, they will be inspired to read their books and listen to their audio tapes and this will eventually get them closer to true knowledge about that with which every human being was born. We also believe that because of what we say in our write-ups, they will get inspired and they will get to believe in themselves even more.

Our team is a God-made cobweb of fertile minds to positive change. We believe in the God-given infinite power that lodges within Man and our vision is to tickle mortal man who knows little or nothing about this natural force. We hope to make people understand or remind them that their imaginations are real and that they just need to be harnessed with belief. We are passionate about going to any length in line with God’s will just to attain this humanitarian quest.

We believe in God, we believe in love, unity and peace. We are convinced that every human being desires to be successful, and our vision is to see that they understand God already gave them what they need to be able to attain their wildest dreams. We know how destructive anxiety and inferiority complex are and we hope we succeed to influence individuals’ mindsets against such emotional viruses. We believe that when we tell the story of Dr Myles Munroe (for example), no one will think s/he is too miserable that he can’t rise to the top.